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Monday, August 6, 2007

Moody Monday

Still in a cranky mood....its gotta be the heat...that or I'm in dire need of Prozac. Watched Zodiac over the weekend. A pretty good flick tho it takes some liberties with the actual case. I like David Fincher but I had low expectations for the flick just based on reviews I'd read. I had higher expectations for Christopher Guest's latest flick For Your Consideration. I had a couple of laughs thanks to Harry Shearer but overall I found it be the weakest of Guest's flicks tho Harry Shearrer does have some nice moments. Fred Willard is a riot as the host of an Entertainment Tonight style show.

Speaking of movies, thousands of Siskel and Eberts reviews can now be found online:
I miss watching those guys. Siskel died a few years back and Ebert has been battling cancer. Ebert has gone back to work at the newspaper but is off of tv while he tries to regain the ability to speak.

How did I miss Sara Gilbert being a lover of women?:

Don Imus to be replaced by Boomer Esiason?:,2933,292169,00.html
Who will sit in while Boomer is on vacation? Turk Schonert? David Klingler? Jeff Blake?

A new survey says Nancy Drew and Dr. Seuss got more kids hooked on reading than any other book. I thought for sure Jackie Collins would top that list:

Note to the guy wandering around the mall on his Bluetooth the other day....Unless your name is Uhura and you're in charge of communications for the Starship Enterprise, you look like an idiot or at least an insane person roaming around a mall talking to yourself about shoe sizes. You're not that important and you're bloody rude so next time leave it in the car. Thanks.

I wasted another hour of my life watching Bret Michaels Rock of Love. Last night the weathered old Rodeo rode off into the sunset. Rodeo was joined in her exit by outted aspiring adult film performer Brittani C. The show is a train wreck maybe thats why I continue to watch.

Here's a shock...more people watch cable channels than the big networks during the summer:,0,3703659.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

Fake Steve the blogger has been revealed:

Big weekend of sports milestones....Barry Bonds tied Hank Aaron with his 755th homer (and no one outside of San Francsico cares), ARod hit his 500th, best bet to beat Bonds record if he stays healthy and Tom Glavine picked up his 300th win:

If you missed Lollapalooza over the weekend, and I assume you did, the Chicago Tribune has full coverage:,1,742204.storygallery

Are you ready for a Robert Plant bluegrass record?:

Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson working together? 2 of the greatest pop gods of all time making music? WOW! This is big news...if the year is 1968:

While Brady Quinn holds out for more money, a current Notre Dame football player gets busted wanting to spend some money....on a prostitute...who is really a cop....OOPS!:

More crap as it happens.....

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