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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Hate My PC...and Lots of other stuff too

I need a new computer. I don't want to spend the money...but I need one. Its old...Its clunky...but its paid for. Did a software update on my router and now everything is funked up. So now I get to hammer away trying to solve that mystery....or call tech support in Bangladesh and wind up even more frustrated.

I'm so sick of this Presidential Election. I'm really starting to HATE them all. John McCain was on Letterman last night and I avoided it like the plague. Why would anyone even want to run for President? The media hammers you on the most asinine issues.

I hate Wal Mart. I hate how it chews up and spits out its competitors and employees. I hate the way it smells in there. I hate when I have to go in there to make a purchase.

I hate that I can't afford the MLB Extra Innings tv package. Then I hate myself for getting worked up over a luxury like that when there are people starving.

I hate that in this nation of fat asses that people are still hungry.

I hate when Subway asks me "do you want that sub toasted?" I always want to replay "No thanks, do you want your face busted open?"

I hate when I order something and they offer me something else I don't want. The other day I was offered a bowl of hot broccoli and cheese soup...when I called to order a pizza! Antacids I could understand..but soup?

I hate anyone who talks to me about OSU's Spring football practices. Who cares? Its as meaningless as watching the NIT....where is the drama in proving you're the 66th best team in the nation.

I hate that we can't cure diseases anymore. I saw on the news the superintendent of a school district nearby is leaving his job at the age of 36 due to ALS. Lou Gehrig died over 60 years ago and we still can't beat this thing.

I hate that the economy of the country is falling apart and I don't see a damn thing being done about it. The latest news today is now auto loans are suffering the same fate as mortgages. Even Stevie Wonder could see that credit cards will be the next thing hit.

I hate that we've spent a trillion dollars on this war in Iraq. That's money that could have paid off the national debt.

I hate that I'm paying $14 a month for satellite radio and can't find a song I wanna listen to.

I hate the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, LA Lakers, and Montreal Canadiens and all they stand for.

I hate this guy in my office who interrupts conversations with topics that are way off the subject matter being discussed.

I hate anything produced by Timbaland, Disney, or VH1.

I hate Oprah, Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart and Tyra Banks.

I hate beauty pageants, reality tv and Dennis Miller. I hate prime time game shows. I hate Drew Carey on the Price is Right. I hate the idea of a Celebrity Rehab. I hate cute media nicknames like "Brangelina." I hate Ann Curry and Julie Chen. I hate that fat cop sitting in for Monica Day on my local morning news show. I hate the fact that I know Monica Day is away at the Ms. USA pageant.

I hate that a talented band like Cheap Trick is reduced to a 30 minute slot on a package tour with Heart and sigh Journey. I hate that anyone cares who the next American Idol is or who will be champion of Dancing with the Stars.

I hate take and bake pizzas. What's next? Take and grill burgers? Take and milk cows?

Man...I really hate a lot of things and haven't even scratched the surface yet. Maybe all this hate means I need therapy..but then I hate therapists.


kellie said...

Call me when you're in Subway because I just spit out my coffee when I read that.

kellie said...

Can I please add:

People who count their freaking money in the bank drive thru. Meetings that have no point. Mothers who live vicariously through their kids.Loud motorcycles past my house.People who don't use dry, cleared sidewalks.Anything that says BASSHEAD.

kellie said...

I also hate that bitch Miley Cyrus. The coiffed & tan weather shit ass on the CBS morning show.Visible panty lines.Fatty boom ba blatties who feign "pickiness" while ordering food. Obviously not much shoving back from the table going on there.