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Friday, March 7, 2008

S'March of Winter

Apologies for lack of vids yesterday...Wasn't my fault...either Blogger or YouTube was messed up. Gods of Metal willing we'll have plenty of cool stuff to check out today.....but right now I'm not counting on it.

I'm blaming the technical problems on the S'March of Winter....Winter 2008 appears to be the winter that will never end. For the third or fourth weekend in a row my plans stand to be shattered due to bad weather. I need a vacation. Think its time to head to Austin and go to the South by Southwest Festival (which is being broadcast by Directv this year by the way so look for me). All this bad weather has made me a loathsome SOB.

I've posted before how much I enjoy Sirius Satellite Radio but a threat to their programmers...if you insist on continuing to play so much Motley Crue I will be forced to hunt you down and drag your bodies thru the streets. No one likes Motley Crue so much that you need to play them every 30 minutes on 7 different channels. I cannot be held responsible for any crimes I may commit after being subjected to yet another airing of Kick Start My Heart.

Cream...the band...Metal? Not Metal?

63,000 jobs lost in this country last month. Highest job loss in five years. Mortgage delinquencies at highest rate in 23 years. Stock market crashing every day. Weak dollar. Brett Favre no longer plays football. There's nothing good on this our generations great depression?

Why have I never been able to understand the once huge popularity of Fleetwood Mac? I just never could see the appeal so I've blamed the pot smokers and coke snorters of the 70's for it. i don't think they were that good vocally, the songs were pedestrian and their playing was underwhelming.

Haven't the people of India suffered enough? Its hot, its dirty, its crowded. Their biggest exports were Ravi Shankar and Mother Teresa and now comes word that Rolling Stone magazine is now available for purchase there. Where's the United Nations when ya need them?

Alice Cooper, a dude I feel is grossly unappreciated and more than deserving of a spot in the lame azz rock hall, has a new record coming out in the fall. In addition to "Along Came a Spider", Alice's bio is now out in paperback. Buy a few copies to put in the kids Easter baskets.

I'm thinking the only people excited about the reunions of White Lion, XYZ, Lynch Mob, Trixter and Warrant are drunks, angry loners, the unemployable and those who think OJ was innocent.

I have absolutely ZERO interest in this year's NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. With Ohio State headed to the NIT I just can't get into it.

23 days till the first baseball game of the season.

Young males today don't know how could they have it with todays modern bra commercials. We grew up on cross your heart bras over turtlenecks. After last nights ep of Lost the best thing on tv was the Victoria's Secret commercial I saw.

Now that I think about it, I've never met a man who didn't enjoy a good set of boobs.

Further proof that old stars don't burn out they just go to reality shows on the network this fall will star Margaret Cho and 2 Live Crew's Luke Campbell.

I'm stunned VH1 hasn't given a show to Jeff Conway.

Speaking of Jeff Conway, I'm off to get stoned and drunk....enjoy the snow....


TFO said...

Cream - not metal.

I like boobs.

E. S. Furniss said...

I think White Room has a bit of a metal feel to it.

Boobs make life worthwhile. I would never commit suicide because of boobs. They always cheer me up.

O.M.O.M. said...

I agree with TFO, Creem - not metal.

I feel for teenagers growing up today, we're leaving them with a legacy of a lifetime of lower middle class status.

I heart the new bra technologies. We should have our countries top minds work on continuing bra upgrades that will further enhance boobs and boob meat.

TFO said...

Yes, I like boobs!

E. S. Furniss said...

In this era of the failing American economy, its good to see that America is still the great exporter of boobs in the world. Our pornography is still head and shoulders above the rest of the world. Should they ever hold the porn olympics, I like our odds.

Google/You Tube still having issues today. Looks like S'March of Metal may have to continue thru summer. Make this an all metal all the time blog.