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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And I Say To Myself...What A Wonderful World?

I'm in a foul mood...don't know if its just the weather or the state of the world. Barack Obama gave a fantastic speech yesterday on the state of racial relations in the U.S. of A. all because his minister said somethings that were perceived as "anti-white." I find it strange Obama was forced to essentially apologize for his minister's comments. No one has held John McCain accountable for speaking at anti-Catholic Bob Jones University. Not only does BJU (heh heh heh....B...J...U...pervs) hate Catholics they also have a ban on interracial dating. McCain must really hate Catholics but he was pleased with the endorsement of John Hagee, a man who has compared Catholics to devils. Speaking of McCain, the man gave a speech yesterday and got confused as to who exactly we're fighting in the middle east. No wonder he thinks we'll be there 100 years...its gonna take him that long to understand the issues.

By the is the 5th anniversary of our madcap adventure in Iraq. No weapons of WMD's, no links to al Qaeda...all Bush's folly has cost us is 4,000 lives, 30,000 wounded, tens of thousands of dead and injured Iraqis, and trillions of dollars of your tax dollars. I thought this war was to have paid for itself in Iraqi oil profits? Meanwhile cost of oil is at a record price, we're getting bled dry at the pump, the grocery store, and every place else. The Taj Mahal has stopped taking the American dollar cuz its only worth 64 cents. Art dealers in New York City..New York Freakin' City are now only accepting Euros as payment. Meanwhile, we're now assisting in a bailout of banks because their investments blew up in their faces. Its a wonderful world we live in my friends......

Some other things that are pissing me off today:

Sirius Satellite Radio's Hair Nation insists on playing a heavy dose of acoustic Don Dokken. My god, what a freakin' musical abortion this is. Dokken should be tarred and feathered for this. Speaking of the wigged one, he and the increasingly annoying Sebastian Bach are opening up for Poison on a summer shed tour. I think I'll be sitting that package out.

Iron Maiden is playing Cleveland in June. I think I'll go to that show instead.

I think the older I get the less tolerance for ass kissers I have. Nothing worse than watching an adult suck up to their boss.

I think Van Halen's output with Sammy Hagar is just a notch above Don Dokken's acoustic record.

As if reality tv wasn't proof enough that we seem to have lost our creative way, now comes word of a new version of 90210...what is this one set at a senior center? What's next? CSI Peoria? Law and Order Shoplifting Unit?

Anyone who buys the new Bionic Woman dvd set deserves a kick in the crotch.

I don't if any musician has been more overhyped and overrated than Moby.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING makes me want to commit a hate crime more than seeing someone wearing one of those Bluetooth headsets. God I hate these people more than anything. Show me someone wearing one of these and driving a Hummer and I'll show you someone who needs to be stomped on.

I think its a toss up between dilaudid and vicodin giving me the best high of my life.

I do not advocate torture except for those people who watch Dancing With the Stars.

Memo to Paul McCartney....I have 49 million reasons why you should never marry again. Eliot Spitzer got off a lot cheaper with his whore.

That's all I've got for today...enjoy the rain.


O.M.O.M. said...

The good ol' US of A is screwed. Gotta love the banks getting bailed out. Nothing beats bailing one out of a mess to show the other ones that they can pretty much do what they want and get the same treatment once they crap the bed.

Between the war/oil/banking mess and the coming end of middle class america, I'm ready to cash in all my retirement, 401k, life insurance, renounce my citizenship and move to Costa Rica. If I didn't have kids to worry about, I'd leave this country and never come back.

The look-at-me bluetoothers drive me nuts. I was in line at Chipotle with one of these knotheads and so I started asking him about Star Trek related stuff. He looked confused at my line of questioning so I then replied, "Oh, I'm sorry, with that thing in your ear, I mistook you for a Trekkie." Said moron replied that he was not a Trekkie to which I said, "Sure you're not..." and flashed him the Vulcan salute.

I felt that was a much more PC way of dealing with it than punching him in the head, which would have been my preferred method.

TFO said...

I especially enjoy the bluetoothers who have long hair - I once thought one of these jackasses was actually speaking to me but I didn't see the earpiece due to the length of hair - there's nothing more embarassing than responding to someone who wasn't even talking to you to begin with - stupid dicks!

E. S. Furniss said...

Comments like those boys make me proud to be your friend. TFO and I had a run in with a blue toother at Quaker Steak before we went to see (sigh) Winger. I wanted to force feed the bastard my discarded wing bones in hopes he'd choke in mid-conversation.

I echo OMOM's sentiments of leaving the country. When you get back from overseas my friend, make sure to let us all know how the other half is living. I love America and what the principles it was founded on but we have lost our way. Scares the bejebus out of me. My first born is nearing conscription age and with the military broken I worry about the return of the draft. fave fast food place in the world. I could eat there every freakin' day. Marion's knockoff chain, Wholy Guacamole closed in under 6 months. Man was I bummed out over that. What's the over/under on how long our Sonic will last?