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Monday, February 11, 2008

Things I Think Monday or Why Do I Hate the Grammy Awards?

When you're recovering from the flu, never, ever, watch an awards show. You will, without a doubt, begin feeling the urge to puke again.
I should have known better than to tune in. I hate the Grammy's above all awards shows yet I watch each year. The nausea set in when I saw the opening performance of Alicia Keys dueting with Frank Sinatra. Sinatra would duet with darn near anyone but ya know, it unnerves me to no end when they dig up a dead peformer and have them duet like that.
The media is proclaiming Amy Winehouse the big winner of the night....take a look at that woman's that the face of a winner or a monster from a horror movie? Rehab is a great song tho and I say good for her for celebrating being dysfunctional. On the other hand, there is Kanye West. What am I missing with this guy? Is there something great about him I'm not getting? Cuz what I see with this guy is ego, little talent and originality, and a penchant for exploiting his mother's death for public sympathy. I'm sorry the dude's mom died but most people prefer to grieve privately. Shaving the world "mama" into his head brought that all back up again for public consumption.
How can you award a best album of the year award to Herbie Hancock? Its pseudo-jazz remakes of Joni Mitchell songs! Of course, I didn't understand how Vince Gill was nominated in that category and Springsteen's Magie wasn't. Then I remind myself this is the same Academy that gave Jethro Tull an award for Best Metal band and awarded best new artist honors to the likes of the Starland Vocal Band, Christopher Cross and Milli Vanilli. The Grammys suck....
I think the duet between Beyonce and Tina Turner was all the proof anyone should ever need that Beyonce should be seen and not heard. Tina Turner musical god, Beyonce, Fraud.
I love the Foo Fighters. I enjoyed their peformance last night of the Pretender. I think no rock band should ever perform with a symphony again. Too cliche.
Moving on....
Ya know what else is worthless? The Pro Bowl. Worst All Star game in pro sport. Might as well make it two hand touch. It doesn't resemble real football at all.
Did you see what happened to Richard Zednik of the Florida Panthers? Ran into a teammates skate and cut his throat slashed and bled like a steer. Proof again that the NHL is run by idiots, they finished the game despite Zednik's near death experience. You watch a guy get hurt like that and you're expected to finish the game?
After watching 60 Minutes last night, its clear why Barrack Obama is moving past Mrs. Clinton. He has a soul and she's like a pod creature from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I think Bill Maher was on to something the other night when he compared Obama to Jackie Robinson. Obama is a candidate who happens to be black, unlike say Jesse Jackson who was the black candidate.
I think Rob Zombie's Halloween may just be the worst horror movie ever made. Watched in on DVD over the weekend. It was crude just to be crude...gory just to be gory. Awful, awful film. Makes Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes seem like a classic by comparison.
While it looks the writer's strike is all but over, don't expect to see all your fave shows return. Heroes is probably done for the season. Be interesting to see what shows return, which are gone forever and which will return next year. 24 may not even be back until early 2009. Jack Bauer could probably use the time to recover from saving the world anyway....hopefully Keifer Sutherland stays out of jail in the meantime.
With wind chills below zero and heavy snow in the forecast for tonight, I'm comforted by knowing pitchers and catchers report for spring training this week.
I think if I had to play someone just one Kiss song, it would be God of Thunder.
RIP Roy Schieder. I think you were great in Jaws dude.
I think I'm gonna have some kinda special Valentine's Day post so I think you should make sure to stop by for that on Thursday. Been pricing gifts for the wife for the holiday. Man, those rose prices sure to go up each year don't they?
I think you should prepare yourself for the local news media to report live from the highway as the snow falls. Not to mention the live shot from the salt barn. You can count on more than weather man being involved in the live coverage too.
I think I might forgive Kanye West for being a jackass if he'd just do a record of Conway Twitty covers....Kanye does Conway....its fun to say.
I think I'm out of interesting things to say.....bundle up kids.


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