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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Men in Tights

Steve Gerber, creator of classic comic book character, Howard the Duck passed away at the age of 60 on Sunday. Howard the Duck may have the distinction of being the worst comic book movie of all time and without a doubt, the biggest failure of George Lucas's moviemaking career (other than say the Phantom Menace...boy that sucks hard).

What is it about comic book movies that I love so much? Oh wait..its cuz tho I no longer collect, I love comic books. As a kid I loved the Adam West Batman show, even liked the Bill Bixby Hulk (but its companion Spiderman with that dude from the Sound of Music was just awful). I still remember going to see the Christopher Reeve Superman at the old Ohio Theater. You would have thought that movie, and its box office success, would have lead to a boom of superhero movies back then.

But this my friends is the golden age of the comic book movie. Due this year are the way cool looking Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. and the latest Batman flick with Christian Bale. More comic flicks are in the works....there is Edward Norton in a relaunch of the Hulk (we're supposed to forget the Ang Lee flick ever existed) and the Watchmen with Jackie Earl Haley (man, I'm hoping this movie is fantastic).

Here are my picks for top 5 comic movies of all time:

Superman-Christopher Reeve was the best Superman ever. Brilliant effects, great cast, tho to be honest, I felt Hackman's Lex Luthor was a stooge. A film ahead of its time.

Batman Begins-I thought Michael Keaton was a great Batman but Tim Burton was always more interested in telling the story of the bad guys. Christian Bale, like Christopher Reeve, just takes over the role. Plus, let's face it....Batman is far and away the coolest comic book character ever.

Spiderman 2-A lot of people think more of the first Spiderman...but then again, a lot of people voted to elect Dubya President....twice. I found Willem Dafoe over the top in the first one. Alfred Molina's Doc Ock is killer and again, perfect casting. Great effects.

The Crow-I'm a sucker for this flick. The sequels all sucked. Brandon Lee would have been a huge star had he not died while making this flick. A truly creepy and disturbing film.

X-Men 2-An impressive peformance by Hugh Jackman cuz I'm convinced he's closer to being more like Peter Allen than he is to Wolverine.

Worst Comic Flicks Ever

Fantastic Four-name a version...the low budget Roger Corman 90's flick that was never released or that crap flick with Jessica Alba. Awful...awful. awful

Swamp Thing-Would love to see this one remade as a dark horror movie instead of the slapstick trash of the 80's film and its awful sequel

Daredevil-Why did they have to switch his costume to red leather?

Batman & Robin-I like George Clooney...but he should have known better. Worse than the Adam West tv show.

Captain America-This direct to dvd film may be the worst comic movie ever. Captain America appears in costume for all of 20 minutes and they made the Red Skull an Italian instead of a Nazi.

The Punisher-The first version...with Dolph Lundgren. Tho the Thomas Jane version blew too. This one is worse because the Punisher never wears the skull on his chest.

I suspect the new Iron Man and Batman movies will join the best ever list. I'd love to see Captain America done right on the big screen. I enjoyed the early 90's Flash tv show and I'd dig a movie. My inner geek would also plunk down cash for a Green Lantern movie.

Comics and comic movies...when you don't have anything else to talk about on a snowy Tuesday you can't go wrong talking 'bout those.


O.M.O.M. said...

It would be cheaper for me to take up crack than to start in on comic collecting again. I go in the Laughing Ogre and start shaking from joy.

That Roger Corman FF movie was awesomely horrible. At one time I had a VCD version of that movie. I need to dig it up on the interweb and throw it on my ipod. I've got the full Star Wars Xmas special on there now, one of Lucas' shining moments.

Hey ES didja see the Plant/Krauss Crossroads last night? I'm hoping someone throws that up on dimeadozen or the traders den soon.

O.M.O.M. said...

Re: my wish has been granted. Last night's Crossroads is now seeding on the dime...

E. S. Furniss said...

Dude I totally missed that. Was this a CMT thing? Further proof of how out of touch the Grammy Awards are...that Plant/Krauss record should have been nominated over Vince Freakin' Gill. Could have appeased the country/bluegrass crowd and honored a more deserving performer.

That Star Wars Xmas thing is a hoot. Its awful but entertaining. That Corman thing is just cheese. YouTube the pilot of the live action JLA tv series....nothing says superhero like Charles Emerson Winchester himself, David Ogden Stiers as the Martian Manhunter.

O.M.O.M. said...

Yeah, CMT, they are rebroadcasting it over the next few days. Check your local listings for time and channel.

E. S. Furniss said...

Thanks O.M.O.M. Hope it doesn't conflict with new Flava of Love. Did you go see American Dog at Rhythm and Brews over the weekend? I would have loved to have gone but the darn flu had me bedridden.