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Friday, February 1, 2008

Don't Believe the Hype

So here we are, just a couple days away from the Super Bowl. The most overhyped event in America. Mind you, I love me some football. But the Super Bowl and the non stop hype that surrounds it just wears me down and dulls my interest in the game. Maybe I'd feel differently if the Browns ever made it to the game but I could care less if Tom Brady's ankle hurts cuz he nails too many super models. Although the game has been more competitive in recent years, the Super Bowl is historically has been a game of epic blowouts. I predict the same this year. Pats 42 Giants 17.

Now, if the Pats do win and finish the season 19-0, the media is gonna want to crown them the greatest team in the history of the NFL. Again, don't believe the hype. The perfect season by the 72 Dolphins will still be hard to discount cuz they won about 8 games with their backup qb. Could New England run the table with Matt Cassel in the lineup for an injured Tom Brady? What about the 1985 Bears? Sure they lost a game but they remain the most dominant team I've ever seen. Plus, because of how the game changes, its unfair to compare teams from different eras. 19-0 makes the Pats the best team of the free agency era but it doesn't make them the best ever.

Does anyone still care about the Super Bowl commercials? Sure some of them are clever but usually what happens is some marketing wiz comes up with an entertaining ad....but then after its over you have no idea what the hell it was they were trying to sell you.

The Super Bowl is like Chinese tastes good, it fills you up for a bit but then you determine you wish you had eaten something else instead.

Now something that is deserving of the hype is Lost. Last night's season premiere was worth the wait and lived up to my expectations. It is the only show on television that leaves me wanting more.

True or false...other than Live and Let Die, Paul McCartney never wrote a good song after the Beatles broke up? Answer..True.

I love Tom Petty but I don't understand who thought he should the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl.

Everytime you see a commercial during the game for pizza or wings, do a shot.

You know what else is over hyped? The freakin' Oscars. Does anyone, other than film critics, actually see all the nominated films?

The Super Bowl pregame show starts in about 30 minutes....I gotta go pick up some wings and a couple Papa Murphy's....coming next week, we'll take a look at where all the guitar heroes have gone......


O.M.O.M. said...

I'll probably watch the first half, if even that much, Sunday night. Remember the days when people used to have big parties and get togethers? I didn't even bother calling anyone to see if they wanted to do something.

Paul McCartney. What about Junior's Farm, Jet and Coming Up? Don't even make me play the Say, Say, Say card...

I'm raising my own hog out back of Papa Murphy's that I will slaughter and then use to make my own sausage and pepperoni to put on the toppings of my Papa Murphy pizza. It's going to taste great except for the fact that I forgot to water my Papa Murphy tomato plants and they died, so it will have to be a sauceless Papa Murphy pizza.

E. S. Furniss said...

Papa Murphy's seemed to come out of nowhere. You can't escape them anymore. They are the Starbucks of pizza...'cept of course Starbucks makes the coffee for you. Then charges you 10 bucks for something that makes you feel gay when you order it.

I ask you, what kind of cruel god takes the two most talented Beatles and leaves us these swine? Of course, God called all the Ramones home. Cruel, cruel God..why do you rob us of our good musicians?

O.M.O.M. said...

I still fondly remember going to Musicland and harassing the Beatle-loving assistant manager. I'd ask her for an album from "Paul McCartney's band" and when she led me to the Wings section I'd reply, "No the other band he led, I think they were called The Beedles or something like that..."

I'd then purchase a Saxon record and chuckle as she would grumble about McCartney and "stupid heavy metal bands..."

Good times.

E. S. Furniss said...

Musicland..acquired by Best Buy for one simple destroy the chain. Not only have our children been robbed of the joy of browsing thru albums but our grandchildren won't even know records or cds?

Saxon eh? I never knew anyone who admitted to owning their records. And they were better than most of the NWOBHM bands too.