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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let's Get Lost

After an absence of what seems like, I dunno, FOREVER, Lost returns to ABC tonight with a 2 hour season premiere beginning at 8pm. Thats the good news. The bad news is thanks to the writer's strike, we're only gonna see 8 episodes and not 16. When we last saw the castaways we learned that at some point in the future, Jack and Kate make it off the island but Jack says something isn't right and that they have to go back. Lost is about the only thing that passes as "must see tv" for me right now. I still watch the Fox Sunday night cartoons but more often than not those wind up on the DVR and I watch them later.

So the "breaking" news this morning is that Britney Spears was taken back to the psych ward. I'm sick of all the Super Bowl hype too but ya don't see me getting myself locked up over it. Someone tell Britney that Tom Brady isn't that badly hurt and he'll be ready to go for 19 and 0 on Sunday. I think Britney needs to get back to work. Maybe O.M.O.M. can put her in the next American Dog video.

I endorsed John Edwards for President and like everything I touch, his campaign failed. Edwards dropped out yesterday. Former political guru and lover of prostitutes Dick Morris said on Faux News yesterday that Edwards supporters will have a hard time finding someone to vote for because we have issues with blacks and women. While that might explain my multiple failed marriages and my hatred of the NBA, I think Morris should stick with what he knows best...hookers. I will not endorse any other candidates. They all suck. The country is doomed and none of these chucklemonkeys have a clue as to how to tie their shoes let alone an exit strategy from Iraq. If I endorse anything its a mass exodus to Canada before they close their borders to us.

There's a story on the intergoogles today that claims John McCain isn't being endorsed by some of his fellow senators because he has a bad temper. You spend 7 years of your life in the Hanoi Hilton eating nothing but rice and fish soup and see if you don't get a little cranky. That being said, I think McCain is crazy and scares the bejebus outta me.

So long Jody Shelley. Your Columbus Blue Jackets shipped the team's enforcer off to San Jose for a draft pick. As an on the ice move it makes sense but it pains me to see him go. Shelley played with tremendous heart and became one of my fave hockey players of all time. A bad azz on the ice and a class guy off. I hope their is room in the Jackets front office for him when his playing days are over.

Pardon the Interruption but Mike Wilbon had angioplasty. Who wouldn't have heart problems working with Tony Kornheiser?

Falco, the singer who gave us Rock Me Amadeus and died after getting hit by a bus, is now the subject of a new biopic. Falco. My reaction to the news? Falco? Falc Me!

Lots of storm and Super Bowl talk tomorrow..and whatever else I can pull out of my azz....have a good day kids.

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