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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Black Sabbath Week- TV Crimes

I think I was more excited for the release of Dehumanizer than any other Sabbath record. This was the first attempt at a reunion with Dio and the end result was less than underwhelming. At the time I thought it was me....that I'd moved on musically but I realized, nope...its them....Not a bad record but no Heaven and Hell or even Mob Rules. I had hopes that maybe they just needed to get their feet under them and their next effort would be up to snuff...however when Iommi wanted the band to open up for Ozzy at what was billed as his "farewell show" Dio refused and left. Rob Halford sang the night of that gig but Ozzy came back into the fold after..only to leave and be replaced by Tony Martin....who was sacked for another reunion with Ozzy....and now they are again back to Dio. I'm shocked Dio never made a record with Joe Lynn Turner or Brian Howe cuz those dudes have sung with everyone but Sabbath.

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