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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Random Thought Wednesday

I'm too distracted by all the excuses being made for the Ohio State loss the other night to write up something more lengthy today...these are just some of the thoughts going thru my noggin' today.....

Why do I have more interest in the Rocklahoma 2008 lineup announcement than in the presidential election? Hard Rock/Heavy Metal is a lot like politics ya know. The Hard Rock guys would be your hair or glam bands. Poison, Ratt, Motley Crue...those bands are the Democrats. They are liberal with their sound and look. They appeal more to women. They are also likely to have a drummer who is a vegan. Heavy Metal on the other hand is more like the GOP....King Diamond, Manowar, Black Sabbath...those are old school white male bands. They have an image and that is to be dark, wear leather or denim, and have a lead singer who is horrifyingly ugly. They are more likely to have a drummer who not only eats meat, but a singer who is willing to chuck it at the audience.

I think the world could do without L.A. Guns let alone two versions. This has been all the rage among washed up hair bands the last few years. More than one member of a once popular band will own the naming rights and go out on the road sporting their version of the band. This has happened not only to L.A. Guns but to Faster Pussycat and Ratt. A rock band is a lot like a football team with quarterback issues...if you have more than one qb, than you don't have a qb. L.A. Guns is hereby then inducted into the supplemental round of my Rock n Roll Concentration camp.

I think Dan Baird is one of the most underrated and unappreciated singer/songwriters/guitar players of the last 25 years. The former Georgia Satellite has a new record out and I have to pick it up.

I think George W. Bush needs to intervene in the ongoing Hollywood writers strike. If this goes on to much longer a nation lacking in first run and first class entertainment will start to look harder at real issues and finally hold him responsible.

I think people who drive SUV's should be required to pay twice the going rate for a gallon of gas. I get two to three times the mileage they do. I should get two to three times the savings.

I think these are dark times for the American economy. Stock market is tumbling, dollar is at about the lowest point in my lifetime. My friends, we were born at the wrong time.

I think the whole story this week about an Iranian boat tossing insults at an American war ship would be incredibly funny if I didn't think the Bush administration would use it as an excuse to start another war. I know Bush/Cheney won't get thru the year without doing something really stupid.

I think me and 10 of my friends had as much right to play in the national championship game as Ohio State. If your schedule includes Youngstown State and Akron, you deserve to play in the Humanitarian Bowl in beautiful Boise.

I think we're about out of reality show ideas when they start featuring Scott Baio. Now comes word that ABC is gonna dust off the Mole. I'd rather see them shoot unproduced Cop Rock scripts.

I don't know if any show makes me laugh and want to vomit quite like Kenny vs Spenny.

I think for working without writers, Conan O'Brien is doing a fantastic job. His rendition of Blue Moon of Kentucky with Max and the band the other night was great.

On the other hand, despite enjoying both the Daily Show and Colbert Report, I've avoided both since they returned. I just can't see those shows being very good without writers.

I think John McCain might just be insane. Something about the guy radiates crazy to me.

Some website ran a news item inferring David Lee Roth is gay. I don't know about that but I do know that his current appearance makes him a candidate to replace Roy in Siegfried and Roy. Siegfried and Roth has a nice ring to it.

You know who scares me more than John McCain or even Dubya? Dr. Phil. People actually take what this Cracka shrink says seriously.

To close, a Buckeye fan actually told me today that OSU needs to fire Jim Tressel. And he was serious. Now, you've been to 3 title games in 6 have a coach who owns Michigan....and you want to fire him? Buckeye fans are as crazy as John McCain.

When your phone rings today, make sure you tell them the BlastFurniss says hello........


O.M.O.M. said...

I had to stop reading when I heard that Dan Baird has a new record out! Please provide me a link to locate this gem. If you don't have the two Yahoo's discs, get 'em asap, great records.

E. S. Furniss said...

I sent you an email with all the details but you can get the record here:

I always liked the story of your evening with Dan Baird on campus.