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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

BFF Forever!

How many Ohio State Buckeye football players does it take to change a tire? One....unless its a blowout then they all show up.

For the 2nd straight year the Ohio State Buckeyes laid an egg in the BCS National Title game. It was a true team effort as the offense, defense, special teams and coaches all contributed to the 38-24 loss to LSU. Granted, it was an improvement over the Florida debacle from last year but now comes another off season of Ohio State Kool Aid drinkers making excuses for the loss. Here are my random thoughts about last nights loss that today has the Buckeye Nation (can we please retire that phrase?) on suicide watch today:

Local media talking head Mindy Dreyer this morning rambled on about how unfair the officiating was. I'm sure LSU got away with a few penalties....thats bound to happen in every game. They just didn't do anything as obvious and stupid as run into the punter on 4th and 23. That was the game right there. Stupid penalties that kept LSU drives alive. The defense was just on the field too much. While I'm picking on Mindy she also complained about LSU fans gloating after the victory and interfering with her interviews of "anguished" Buckeye fans after the game. Well Mindy, they won..they deserve the right to gloat and burn couches and overturn cars. Be a good loser and take it in stride.

For many OSU players last night was their last game in Scarlet and all the juniors thinking of making the leap to the NFL I say to you...don't do it...none of you are ready. But thats easy for me to say...ain't no one backing up the money truck to my house.

The biggest highlight of the game was for the 2nd year in a row Fox had the broadcast rights which meant no Brent Musburger. The Fox announcers weren't the greatest (a sideline reporter described the Bucks as wearing "crimson" jerseys for crying out loud) but at least Musburger was nowhere to be found.

Other than Desmond Howard the ESPN College Gameday crowd took OSU to win. Leave it to the Michigan man to get it right.

The first person that gives me a countdown as to how many days it is to the opener of the 2008 season is gonna be the victim of a hate crime.

Fans of college football deserve a playoff. They can do it every division of college football except division one.

Is it just me or is the 50 day layoff between the end of the regular season and the championship game just insane? Had the two teams met for instance a week after LSU won the SEC conference title game OSU would have had a decided advantage due to all the injuries LSU had.

Did I see a white running back for LSU? What next a black man and white woman running for President?

Glenn Dorsey was the best player on that field. That dude is gonna make a heck of an NFL player.

If you took a drink every time someone said "Bo Pellini" last night, you might have wound up like Bon Scott.

Last nights game was probably the last football game of interest for me. Sure the NFL playoffs go on but I'm not so interested in those. Would love to see Green Bay win it all but I have zero interest in the Patriots pursuit of a 19-0 season. Guess I'll just cheer on the Blue Jackets and count down the days until spring training.

Resume nursing your hangovers kids....its been a long season.


O.M.O.M. said...

Mindy Dreyer cracks me up. Buckeye fans are the first ones to thump chests, gloat and strut when they win. As with most people of that ilk, they are also the most sour grape MF-ers when they lose.

Everyone always talks about what a class program Tressel runs but have ya ever noticed how the team acts when they realize the fat lady has sung? They start shoving and trash talking like a bunch of punks. I knew it was over when, late second quarter, the announcers mention that OSU was doing quite a bit of shoving and smack talking...

E. S. Furniss said...

The last time I saw them sink to such depths of behavior was John Coopers last game as coach when South Carolina of all schools slapped them around like an unruly school child.

I once saw an LSU fan beaten by an OSU fan when the Tigers visited Columbus 20 years ago. I should email Mindy and tell her to shut her pie hole.

Just a painful game to watch at times. I could look on the bright side and applaud their accomplishments this season. No one expected them to make another appearance in the BCS title game given the talent they lost. However, if I start offering praise, I'd have to rename the blog cuz it just wouldn't be the ol' BlastFurniss.

Sadly the Bucks just aren't talented enough to over come shooting themselves in the foot over and over again. I haven't even bothered to read the Dispatch today. Its even more pro-Ohio State than the campus paper the Lantern.