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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The King of Late Night TV

The holidays are a lousy time to be a blogger. Very little happens and I was so burned out from family gatherings and the hustle and bustle of the season I had little of interest to share. Well, the holidays may be over but I still have little of interest to share. But since you're here...I'll give it a shot.

The late night tv hosts returned last night. Letterman has writers, Leno and Conan don't. I set the DVR to record Letterman but as of yet have not had a chance to watch. I understand in addition to writers, Dave now has a beard. Conan does too. However, Conan killed time on his show by seeing how long he could spin his wedding ring on his desk. Dave had Robin Williams, Shooter Jennings and some woman named Clinton. Conan again had the spinning wedding ring. I like Conan but until they have the writers back, I ain't watching. I hear Leno had GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on. In the interest of full disclosure, I hate Jay Leno. No talent azz clown owes me 12 bucks and he ain't paid up. Huckabee obviously is an idiot. Republican or not, no presidential candidate should cross a picket line.

Speaking of the election, the primary season kicked off in Iowa. I still don't give a damn. This has to be the most interesting collection of characters since Laverne and Shirley. I'd vote for Cornelius from Planet of the Apes if I could. He certainly would be more innovative than any of the jokers we have to choose from. John McCain might just be the looniest candidate ever. The guy makes Perot's former running mate Stockdale seem coherent. Wake me when December comes and all this is behind us.

I still believe the Nintendo Wii is the greatest video game system ever. However, I've had to back away from it for a few days due to a case of Wii elbow. Swear to Jebus. Wii elbow. Aging sucks.

Highlight of New Year's Day was far and away the NHL Winter Classic. Nothing like watching hockey played outside in a giant football stadium. NHL should do this every New Year's Day. The Detroit Red Wings are trying to land the game but get this...they want to play it in a freakin' dome...what's the point?

Do you have the Buckeye football fever? Just days remain before Ohio State is again embarrassed in the NCAA BCS National Title game. OSU has as much business being in that game as Fred Thompson does being president. Neither are qualified and both will be beaten soundly.

That's all I have...resume your search for internet porn.


O.M.O.M. said...

I hear ya on holiday hangover. I had a week off work and spent the majority of it sulking because I had to go back after a week off. Jeebus, do I hate my day gig...

On the bright side, the Mrs. and I are going to Vegas in a couple of weeks, let me know if you want me to swing by Stars Live 365 and bring ya back a Pete Rose autograph.

E. S. Furniss said...

You guys ought to renew your vows at the Star Trek Experience over at the Hilton. Have a Borg or Klingon for a witness. Its safe to go to Vegas now that Celine Dion has moved on.

Pete Rose looking better every day given the steroid scandal. Pete's head was big naturally.

I could use a trip to Vegas. I need to see Don Rickles before he dies.