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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Dark Knight

Did you catch any of the media's coverage of Heath Ledger's death? I caught some last night. Keith Olbermann's was tasteful. Just a discussion of the facts with the Executive Producer of TMZ. Meanwhile, the ghouls were out in full force at CNN. Nancy Grace devoted the first half hour of her show (with a reporter outside the apartment where Ledger died). Larry King had a couple Hollywood talking heads on to....I didn't tune in since one of them was that pinhead Pat O'Brien.

I must admit...the Heath Ledger death was shocking. Didn't see that one coming. Never would have thought to put him in my celebrity death pool. My first thought I will confess is "was he done with post-production for Batman?" Ain't It Cool News says yes he was so his death will have no effect on the film itself...however, the most anticipated film of the summer now will prove to be a challenge to market and promote. Actors making the talk show circuit will of course be asked for memories of Ledger....posters of the Joker will become even more eerie...and then there are the tie in products with his image. The whole thing reminds me of when Brandon Lee died on the set of the Crow. Granted Ledger was a superior actor to Lee, but it just puts a pall over a movie I was very much looking forward to seeing.

Personally, I really hope this was an accidental death and not a suicide. I don't feel a whole lot of sympathy for the rich and famous who end their lives. I've been poor, anonymous and miserable. I'd gladly trade places. with them. I suspect it'll turn out to be a bad combination of drugs. Just a senseless way to die. I think the speculation that playing the Joker sent him over the edge might be the most asinine thing I've ever heard. I'm sure playing a Revolutionary War soldier next to Mel Gibson in the Patriot was a demanding role but he didn't start shooting people with a musket or become an anti semite.

Now that Britney has been bumped in favor of Ledger coverage it makes me fear what she'll do next for attention...maybe a suicide bombing at DisneyWorld?

Our first White Castle opened up in town this week. I've never seen such long lines for awful food. So many cars in the lot and at the drive thru I thought the town was hosting a winter car show. Nothing brings a community together like a bag of sliders.


O.M.O.M. said...

I can't believe that you slammed Pat O'Brien and White Castle in the same blog!

Not only do I love Whitey's Chicken Ring Sangwiches but I want to eat them with a coked out Pat O'Brien. I love when Howard plays his phone message; I loved it even more when Howard ran into him outside a movie premier and busted his chops. Classic.

Damn shame about Heath Ledger passing. I read that Ledger was currently filming a Terry Gilliam movie, does any current director have worse luck than Terry Gilliam?

E. S. Furniss said...

Gilliam is just flat out a genius yet he cant' get his flicks made at all. I was pumped when he was attached to the Watchmen and then that went into turnaround hell tho it'll be finally made with a different director.

That Pat O'Brien phone call never fails to make me laugh and I've heard it a thousand times now.

I think its gonna be kinda creepy to have the Ledger as Joker action figures around the house now. Still it'll beat the Brokeback Mountain Ledger figure with butt pumpin' action.

TFO said...

you know, it's kinda sad that decent entertainers keep making mistakes like this that end up costing them their lives. I will admit that I am skeptical that this was an accident...why couldn't it have been someone like Amy Winehouse...
too bad.