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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wii Whee Whee.....Dead Celebrities

The Nintendo Wii is going to change lives. It is the video game system equivalent of the polio vaccine. It has changed my life in just two short days. After spending an hour playing boxing last night I find myself tired and sore this morning. I look like Rocky at the end of the first movie. My eyes are arms heavy. Halo 2 never required me to expend so much energy. Neither did Donkey Kong, Madden, or any other game. Sure the Xbox 360 and PS3 might have better graphics, but for playability and sheer FUN, the Nintendo Wii can't be beat. They say you can't buy love, but you can buy the love of your family by getting a Wii.

I'm sick of all the year end wrap up stories that pass as news. You'll find no look back at 2007 here. I believe in looking forward to the New Year. Tomorrow (or maybe Monday...I haven't decided), we'll list my predictions of the events that will happen in 2008. Here's a sneak preview of the celebrities who will die in 2008:

Walter Cronkite (how old is he 90?)
Andy Rooney (again, too many birthdays)
Mike Wallace (ditto)
Bea Arthur (we'll finally learn that she is indeed a man)
Dick Van Dyke (all those pratfalls took years off his life)
Ed McMahon (again, those pesky birthdays)
Frank Gifford (suicide....after realizing he's married to Kathie Lee)
Norm Macdonald (oh wait...thats only his career thats dead)
Ozzy Osbourne (c'mon...its gotta happen soon don't ya think?)
Britney Spears (death by white trash screwup too many)
Queen Elizabeth
Kiefer Sutherland (drunk driving)
Heather Mills (Wouldn't Sir Paul be ever so happy?)
Peter Criss (but Eric Singer will replace him in the coffin)

Feel free to submit your dead celeb predictions.

The last issue of Y the Last Man hits comic book shelves on January 30th. If you've never read the Brian K. Vaughn, run, don't walk to your local comic shop or bookstore and pick up the trade paperbacks (come to think of it you could just order them online couldn't you?). You'll be glad ya did. The 60 issue series about the last man in the world may be coming to an end in print, but a film adaptation is in the works.

Hmmm...started the post with a plug and ended it with's BlastFurniss was brought to you by the Nintendo Wii, Y the Last Man, and the number 69.

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kellie said...

That unfunny skeleton Joan Rivers will be boiled down for soup stock.Danielle Steel will be beaten about the head and shoulders for churning out yet one more piece of shit in print.Paris Hilton will develop a crotch bubble from despression and pine away for the good old days of drug induced anorexia.