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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Live Snow blog-Updated

In tribute to all the hard men and women in the news media who stand by the busy interstate to let you know its snowing outside, thus sparing you the agony of having to look out your window, this is the BlastFurniss live snow blog.

Its 1:45 PM and its currently snowing.

Feel free to continue going about your lives.

Updated...515PM....So riddle me this true believers, why is it that the local tv stations will run crawls or block half the screen with their annoying weather graphics during the week but come the weekend they make no mention of the weather? Here we are knee deep in snow and I've not seen one cut in on a local channel. How will we make it thru the storm if the local news folks don't tell us?

Oh...its still snowing...and it ain't about to stop anytime soon.

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