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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gone Gone Gone

Just like to thank Robert Plant and Allison Kraus...their version of Gone, Gone, Gone is the best song I've heard all year. In fact...its the BlastFurniss song of the year (everyone else is awarding "best of 2007" crap, why can't I?). When I first heard Plant and Kraus were doing a record, I kinda scratched my head and said "What the f?" But when you hear the two of them together it makes perfect sense. Plant's voice begins where Elvis's wails in Mystery Train ends...he has a classic rockabilly voice which blends beautifully with the queen of bluegrass, Ms. Kraus. Their whole record is fantastic but Gone, Gone, Gone is just a joy.

I'd give out a whole host of "best of" awards for the year in music. But the year pretty much sucked. There were reunions I welcomed: Van Halen, Led Zep, Crowded House...Reunions I thought would be cool but weren't:the Police.....and reunions I would have prevented if I could:Genesis.

Here's really all that needs to be said about the year in music...the top selling record belonged to Chris Daughtry..a dude that had the sense NOT to win American Idol. Get didn't even sell three and a half million copies. Those are some pretty sorry sales numbers. Daughtry is considered to be a big hit but 20 years ago, he'd have sold less than Ratt.

So Lynne Spears, Britney's Mom, was due to have a book on parenting released....Well as you might have heard there's been a snafu in those plans...since Britney's little sister, 16 year old Teen Nick star Jamie Lynn is with child. Thats some quality parenting there Lynne. Keep parenting like that and you may top Adolf Hitler's Mom on the "worst Moms ever" list. I just hope the woman isn't capable of having additional children. The world has enough white trash and can't possibly add more head count.

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