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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Who Wants to Hump a Newsbabe?

With the tv writers on strike, an idea hit me for a new game show....Who Wants to Hump a TV Newsbabe? A new reality show where contestants compete to hump a newsbabe. Have you noticed the quality of newsbabes at both the local and national level? The quality of our local newsbabes is at an all time high. All the newsbabes on channel 4 are completely humpable. Tell me you wouldn't love to compete for the opportunity go give some breaking news to Maureen Kocot....

Here are my thoughts on yesterdays election....Who the hell is gonna replace these poll workers? No one under the age of 90 works the polls which leads me to worry that our nations poll workers are going extinct. If we don't conserve our poll workers we'll lose our democracy.

Speaking of news chicks, don't ya hope that the Today Show's Ann Curry gets stuck in the South Pole?

Here's how wonderful the internet is....I go see Bruce Springsteen on Sunday...on Tuesday night I have a bootleg copy of the show downloaded on to my computer. Every day I thank Jebus for letting me live in an industrialized nation with broadband access.

No surprise here..most of the people who downloaded the new Radiohead cd paid the same thing I did for the Springsteen boot...NOTHING:

The South Park Imaginationland Trilogy is coming out on DVD:

Check out the trailer for the latest Morgan Spurlock flick What Would Jesus Buy?:

Why do people waste time and money remaking perfect movies? First it was Psycho, then Planet of the Apes..up next the Day the Earth Stood Still and now comes news of a High Noon remake:

CBS is gearing up to have Big Brother ready to go in winter if the writers strike isn't resolved:

What brought Led Zeppelin together? Love of music? Nope. A desire to conquer the world? Nope. The answer can be found here:

Somebody please explain to me why every time I go to a music website there is something on there about Amy Winehouse? Enough already. She's not that damn good. In fact she sucks.

Billboard changes its rules so the Eagles can have a number one record:

Why is Prince a royal asshole?:

This ain't good...After losing in the NCAA title game in March, the basketball Buckeyes lose an exhibition game to Division II Findlay:;_ylt=Agu5bAvYgtKdeveTvDQh6Bo5nYcB?slug=ap-findlay-ohiost&prov=ap&type=lgns

Meet the NHL's all DUI team:

You'd look like this if you were married to Kathie Lee too:

What are the Vegas odds that Eric Lindros will get a concussion while announcing his retirement?:

Thats all I have for today...I'm off to get me some duct tape and go out hunting for newsbabes


TFO said...

I remember seeing a cartoon of Eric Lindros after he signed with (I think) the NYR...the coach was announcing his signing and, as Lindros was approaching the podium, he hit his head on a ceiling lamp thereby sustaining yet another concussion. The caption read..."I told you to keep your head DOWN!" It was pretty funny at the time.

E. S. Furniss said...

The people of Denver owe Lindros a big thank you. Without his refusal to sign with the Quebec Nordiques there's a chance that they would have never become the Colorado Avalanche. Karma's a bitch. Lindros came off as a whiny bitch then and his career never turned out like everyone thought it would.

TFO said...

Hey, why would a band like the Eagles decide to release a CD of new material after 28 years in Walmart stores only? What demographic are they trying to reach? And, do they really expect to sell that many albums at the first of the month?

E. S. Furniss said...

Walmart locked up the Eagles just like they did with Garth Brooks. Sadly Walmart is a dominant retail force in this country and the in store promotion has lead to some great sales figures. Plus there is all sorts of tie in products too like the Timothy B Schmitt frankfurters, the Don Henley eco safe toilet paper, the Glenn Frye frozen fries and the Joe Walsh pale ale.