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Friday, November 9, 2007

So Ya Wanna Start a Crystal Meth Lab.........

I hate having a cold. I mean, I don't know of anyone who actually enjoys having a stuffed up head, sore throat or cough...but I especially hate being sick. Mainly because it doesn't happen to me all that often. My immune system is god like. I go into Meijer this morning to buy some Advil Cold and Sinus medicine and its nowhere to be found. I completely forgot that nearly half of the over the counter cold remedies are now kept at the pharmacy. Stupid Crystal Meth labs are ruining my cold medicine experience. I actually had to show photo id and sign a waiver promising not to make bathtub speed out it before I could buy the stuff. I realized the meth freaks were stealing the stuff off the shelves but to show id to buy Advil? That's crazy...but that wasn't the craziest thing I experienced at Meijer this AM....I'm convinced I crossed paths with a female to male transsexual...incredibly disturbing.

I'm one of the most liberal minded people I know but even I draw a line at someone crazy enough to have their genitals mutilated. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the humor value of the transsexual....I still laugh whenever I think of King Kobra singer Marc Free becoming Marcie Free or that Rhino Buckets drummer became a hideously unattractive woman named Jackie, however I find the subject of transsexuals to be more disturbing than Siamese or Parasitic twins or anything else you can find at the Circus freak show.

Have you upgraded to the next generation of DVD player yet? Me neither. Sony's CEO says the HD DVD-Blu Ray battle is a stalemate:

I'm leaning toward HD DVD...thats what the porn industry went with.....Hey, they were right when it came to VHS over Beta! When in doubt, choose porn.

Did you see Al Gore on 30 Rock last night? Very funny episode:

Woke up in the middle of the night to find that Carson Daly still has a late night tv show.....starring guests I'd never heard of. What deal with the devil did Carson Daly broker to become a celebrity? The guy has less talent and charisma then a Mexican food and draft beer induced bowel movement.

Remember when Winona Ryder used to be a big star? Me neither...but she's signed up to play Spock's mom in the new Trek Movie....:

Is it just me or does Fred Claus look like it could be the biggest piece of shit you've ever seen?

Mr Lovett goes to lobby for radio royalties:;_ylt=AjXEJ6CfQlV2m1811kFYM7BxFb8C

Why would anyone be surprised that the Sex Pistols reunion is shite?:

Speaking of shite reunions, the message boards have been buzzing the last two weeks that the Van Halen reunion seems to have hit a rocky patch. Rumors of Eddie Van Halen's temper tantrums and lousy guitar playing have been the subject of many topic over on Metal Sludge.

Was never a big fan but Testament's catalog is being reissued:

Sometimes the comments people leave on stories are better than the actual story itself. Like this one on Chris Cornell. I like do others.....and just as many dislike him...a lot:

My favorite story of the year....A girl is suing the St. Louis Cardinals over a message on the Cards scoreboard that indicate that the girl, or at least someone who shared her initials, has an STD:

As if signing off on Dane Cook being its spokesman didn't hurt its fans enough, now MLB is ripping them off to boot:

If you've been busy wondering which college mascots are sons of Abraham and which aren't, wonder no more:

Your Columbus Blue Jackets have their first big game of the season tonight as they tangle with the Detroit Red Wings:

Half of Mike and Mike admits to using steroids....and if you guessed its the Mike who played in the NFL you wouldn't be wrong:

Thats all the crap I have time to look for....I have a crank factory to set up.


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