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Monday, November 12, 2007

Where am I? *Updated*

See if you can find me in this picture....I'll give you a hint...if you look at the front of the picture, then look for the lady in the very bright neon green....thats where I'll be.
O-H!......I said O-H!...What's that? Still in a bad mood about Ohio State getting their azzez kicked by Illinois? You shouldn't be. As I've said all season long they aren't that good. Its just with their MAC heavy schedule and a lousy Big 10 conference that their weaknesses weren't exploited. Buckeye Nation you should be pleased....losing to Illinois spares you a 7 TD loss to LSU in the national title game. Fearless prediction...if Mike Hart plays OSU gets drilled again on Saturday and its Hello Capital One Bowl!
Best part of Ohio State's loss? Knowing that Mindy Drayer would be at home crying that night. Worst part of Ohio State's loss? Knowing I wouldn't be able to lick up her tears or feel them fall down my face like rain. How this woman can be a large market news anchor while wearing a Brutus Buckeye costume on the air is beyond me. Yesterday with her voice cracking Mindy implored Ohio State fans not to give up as "Our Buckeyes need us now more than ever!" Its people like her that make me root against Ohio State.
Lost in all the media coverage about the Hollywood screenwriters strike is a strike by Broadways stage hands. Of course, the only people effected by the stage hand strike are tourists, who are reduced to being sightseers, and homosexuals who now find themselves incredibly bored:
Lost's Damon Lindeloff wrote a nice Op-Ed in yesterdays NYTimes:
Here's a nice play by play review of the Springsteen show in DC last night:
Here's a reach...Mick Jagger's son may play his big lipped Dad in a Rolling Stones movie bio:
The suspect in the murder of the Ramones manager says she was forced to confess:
Here are some mild spoilers on the plot of the new Star Trek movie:
This year the NHL season began in London, next year it looks like its Stockholm:
If, like me, you've wondered how Gary Bettman has kept his job, wonder no more. A 23% increase in franchise values makes for happy owners:
Take a look at this to see what Wyoming thought of Utah's onside kick attempt while the Utes were up 43-0:
Its official...LeBron James is now an asshole. Take a look at his new tattoo:
That's all I've got time for today....gotta go do what Mindy Drayer says and channel my energy toward the Buckeyes.


O.M.O.M. said...

Mindy Drayer reminds me of a gal that has spent too many years tanning and hanging out at the local redneck bar slugging back tumblers of gin.

E. S. Furniss said...

If she hung out at redneck bars I'd at least have something nice to say about her. I used to have to watch her do the news in Lima and it was even worse there. She wore like two rings on every finger and about 20 necklaces. I always figured before getting into the news biz that she worked in a jewelry store.

I really hate local tv news. I don't even know why I bother.

Anonymous said...

I thought she stand out from the rest of news presenters. Probably because of her tan. She is a fan of buckeyes and you can clearly see that and the passion she brings with that. Go Mindy

Anonymous said...

I interned at Channel 4 back in the late 90's (before Mindy Drayer became a weekend news anchor) and I have enormous respect for her. She was the ONLY reporter who treated me like a human being. She let me, a lowly college student, sit in the front of the news van, while she sat in the backseat. While we went to grab a bite of dinner, she linked her arms between mine and the photographers as we walked into the restaurant. There was no person more important than another in her eyes and I truly respect her for that. She's the reason I watch Channel 4 on the weekends. I see her in my local grocery store every now and then and she's still the same happy go lucky down to earth person she was back then. Who cares if she's tan. She's real and that's what counts.