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Monday, November 26, 2007

Bang Your Head in Silence

Metal Sludge is reporting that Quiet Riot singer Kevin Dubrow died over the weekend. The news has left me strangely sad. I wasn't a huge QR fan in fact I wouldn't have considered myself a fan at all. If you came of age in the 80's you couldn't escape Quiet Riot. Copies of Metal Health were sent to everyone who lived in the suburbs like samples of Tide. They were the first Metal band to ever have a number one record and if you didn't like Metal (or at least pretend to) where I grew up, you might as well have been an open homosexual. You would have been ostracized from society.

Before Kanye vs 50 Cent, before East Coast vs West Coast there was Kevin Dubrow versus the world. He was not afraid to voice his opinions on the competition in his genre of music. His inability to keep his mouth shut resulted in him being fired from the band he founded only to return when the other members realized that, love him or hate him, Quiet Riot was Kevin Dubrow. In later years it was obvious that Dubrow loved what he did. While the Jon Bon Jovi's of the world hide from their hard rock years as if they were embarassed, Dubrow continued to embrace his band's history. They put out new records (which didn't sell much), toured constantly (and played everything from state fairs to bars in BFE) and changed lineups like Spinal Tap changed drummers. For the past few years only Dubrow and drummer Frankie Banali remained from the original lineup. Dubrow's voice and QR's Slade covers were part of the soundtrack of my childhood. Without the success of Quiet Riot and the Metal Health record, the whole landscape of 80s music might have been completely different. So bang your head, and raise the dead......:

In other news:

I absolutely despise Christmas. Damn consumerism run amok. I hate Christmas music more than I hate any other genre. Still I find this story on today's cost of the 12 days of Xmas to be interesting:

I also hate TV networks. I don't understand why, with the writer's strike on going, that NBC would cancel any moderately performing show. Journeyman is one of my fave new shows but it looks like its journey is at an

Jackie the Joke Man doesn't miss Howard Stern:

Extreme is reuniting:

Enuff Znuff's Donnie Vie is selling an acoustic version of the band's 2nd record Strength on his website. Vie says he'll be going on the road for the first time in years with Enuff Znuff early in 2008. Go to for details.

Led Zeppelin has finally discovered the 21st century...the band has its own website:

Pretty good sports weekend for me...Browns win again, Buckeyes could land a spot in BCS title game by not playing, and the Blue Jackets finally found a way to beat the Red Wings. Plus, my fantasy football team has gone on a 5 game winning streak and I'm looking like the team to beat at playoff team. Sadly it wasn't a pefect sports weekend as I forgot to call my bookie to place a bet on the Grey Cup...go Roughriders!:

I love it when announcers don't realize they are on the air and say stupid things:

I'm off to go blare some Quiet Riot....


O.M.O.M. said...

Sad to hear about Dubrow, I caught them live a couple of years ago and his voice was still in top form. It seemed that in recent years, Dubrow made peace with his legacy and quit being such an ass. I'll be cranking some Slick Black Cadillac in his honor tonight.

I hope Donnie Vie can keep his shit together long enough (enuff?) for the tour to work. I'd like to see a new Chip/Donnie release.

E. S. Furniss said...

I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that I'm mourning DuBrow's passing to the extent I am. I wasn't a huge QR fan but knowing that their success paved the way for so many other bands from that era its hard not to be a little nostalgic today. Dubrow dying makes me feel a little bit older.

I'm so there for Chip & Donnie. Sounds like Monaco is out of the band tho which is a bummer.