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Friday, October 5, 2007

Tribe Time Friday-UPDATED

I hate New York. I hate everything about it. I hate how when it snows there pinhead Matt Lauer acts like its the end of the world. Is there a more arrogant city in America? It snows in Denver all the time but you don't hear them crying like a bunch of babies. So it is with great glee that I say to big bold letters INDIANS 12 YANKEES 3.
Sure its just one game but I love the reaction of the New York media. One NYC columnist says that Joe Torre has never lost a Division series after losing the first game. That maybe true but Joe Torre has never had a Yankees team with pitching this bad. C.C. Sabathia had his worst performance in two years for the Indians and the Yankees still lost. I'm gonna enjoy the hell out of this win until 5pm when game 2 starts.
With your Columbus Blue Jackets set to begin another season of futility, the gang at Puckrakers ( have taken a walk down memory lane. Its a pretty interesting look at how many no-talent ass clowns the Jackets have lined up over the years. The one constant is the underrated David Vyborny. If that guy spent his career with a good team he'd be a household name...if your household happened to be in Prague.
While still angry at Tom Batiuk for killing off Lisa Moore yesterday in Funky Winkerbean, I have to give him mad props today for picking up the strip ten years later. I had to do a double take today at Les. Didn't recognize him. This is the second jump through time Funky has made. If you're too cheap to spring for a daily newspaper you can read the strips online here:
I'm thinking of moving this blog ahead 10 years in time or maybe changing it to all Funky Winkerbean content.
This story is a proof of why this country is doomed:
The FDA wants to make it easier for you to get drugs that now require a prescription:,0,2379949.story?coll=la-home-center
Pushing Daisies is one of the 5,000 shows on my Tivo. Here's a link to a Pushing Daisies comic that was given out at Comic Con:
Wisconsin is full of geeks..Its' Geekfest!:
What's the deal with Arcade Fire?:
Could this be an indication that George Clooney's Leatherheads sucks?:
A Detroit radio station has been forced to stop running a contest in which listeners could win a thousand bucks if they guessed the date Britney Spears committed suicide. I'll be happy to run a prize less version here. I'm going with November 13th as the date with drugs as the cause:
The RIAA is one sore winner. You'd think they'd beat a little more humble after beating a woman in court for "illegally" downloading music.:
Remind me never to pick the Phillies to go to the World Series again:
Just my damn week of NHL Center Ice and I'm busy watching the baseball playoffs. Did get to catch the end of Ottawa and Toronto last night. Damn fine game:
Fearless, crazy NFL prediction of the weekend...The Browns upset the Patriots this weekend and OSU loses to Purdue.
Have a great weekend kids.

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