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Friday, October 5, 2007


The 80s produced worse bands than Keel, but after watching this again I can't think of one. Today's Rocktober feature artist, Keel and the Right to Rock.


O.M.O.M. said...

The Mrs. HATES Keel. I think they are awesomely awful, love those guys. When I worked at Honda, I took a younger co-worker to see Ron Keel do an all Keel set at a bar in Columbus. His quote of the night was, "Dude, there were 3 people here tonight that knew the words to every song played. You, Ron Keel and that dorky lookin' guy in the corner that looks like he's never kissed a girl in his life..." Ron Keel even ran out during "The Right To Rock," grabbed me and had me sing one of the verses.

TFO said...

Wow, I used to be a fan of Keel, but after seeing that video, I can't remember why. I didn't even do drugs in the 80's. That video was so bad it bordered on being painful. Ron Keel looked like a manly version of Joan Jett dressed as Brett Michaels. Didn't Quiet Riot do a similar video with one of their songs off the Condition Critical album? I'm embarassed to admit that I remember that one. I think it was equally as bad. You've got it, The Right to Remain Silent, and you should have used it.

E. S. Furniss said...

I remember that story OMOM but wasn't that when he was Ronnie Lee Keel and he did one set with a country band and the other half with Kell *cough cough* classics? Factoid that maybe me and OMOM remember...Keel was in a band with Yngwie Malmsteen long before Yngwie was unleashing the fookin' fury.'re gonna need to get some therapy to deal with the trauma of QR's Condition Critical. Was that the record that had Mama We're all Crazee Now on it or is that the one where they used guitar synths? The one with the Wild and the Young on it? My QR memories all fade together but I remember planning an evening in the mid 80s around the Mtv debut of The Wild and the Young. I was a pathetic 15 year old.

O.M.O.M. said...

He had dropped the "Lee" at that point but was playing with his band Ironhorse. They did one set of really middle of the road country rock then did an all Keel set. Ironhorse did not shake my foundations in the least.

The Wild And The Young was on QR III, the synth record, which I'm ashamed to admit I currently have on my ipod... Condition Critical had it's moments, most notably the drunken buffoonery of "Party All Night." I think I've got that Yngwie/Keel on vinyl, they've just recently re-released it on cd, for the 6 people that were clamoring for it.

E. S. Furniss said...

I have no problem with QR when its configured with its classic lineup. I think they have songs far superior to Metal Health but that and the Slade covers is what history will remember them for. I thought the Paul Shortino record should have been aborted in the concept stage and I have zero interest in seeing them sans Cavazo and Sarzo.

Not only is Steeler, the Yngwie/Keel record out on cd, so is the 2cd Best of Keel. You read that right...2cd Best of Keel. Another freakin cd and it would have been a box set. Now, not to pile on Ron Keel, but one record of material for a best of is pushing it, two records just means you have an inflated opinion of yourself.