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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jake Rules the Jake & Hail to the O.M.O.M

Did Jake Westbrook (with the exception of one pitch) make the Red Sox his bitches last night or what? Other than the bats going silent against the Bo Sox relievers, last night was a perfect game for the Tribe. Just two more wins and its on to the World Series to meet the Colorado Rockies. Who in the hell saw that coming? Paul Byrd will take the hill tonight with a chance to give the Tribe a commanding 3-1 advantage. The knuckleballer Tim Wakefiled toes the hill (I've always wanted to say that) for the Sox. Wakefield is 110 years old and hasn't pitched since September 29th due to injury. Wakefield, is the only Red Sox player who was on the roster win the team won the World Series in 1918. I also hear he may have killed a guy. Sadly, that guy wasn't Joe Buck.

Friend of the Furniss O.M.O.M. sent me a preview of his latest music vid for American Dog. "Rock-n-Roll Dog" is a killer tune and the video is outstanding. O.M.O.M. says it could be on the upcoming American Dog DVD. I'm under oath not to share it but I will give you some spoilers...American Dog is in it, beer is consumed, boobies are flashed. A good time is had by all. To take a look at some of O.M.O.M.'s camera work visit his website (which is also under the Things That Don't Suck portion of this here blog). For the latest on American Dog, check them out at . To learn more about American Dog, beer, and boobies, visit your local library.

How does a man who believes Jesus danced with American Indians get the support of Christian Evangelicals? Mitt Romney hopes to find out:

Further proof that Al Gore should be President: The GOP is f'ing scared to death of the man. Look at the smear campaign they tried to run after Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize last week:

Let me say one can replace William Shatner. You want to be like him but you can't. I don't know who Chris Pine is but as long as he realizes he's not Bill Shatner he and I are cool. Who the hell is Chris Pine you say? He's officially the new Captain Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek movie:

TV Guide has an interview with Zach Quinto, the man who'll fill Nimoy's pointy ears as Spock, here:

Sci Fi channel and G4 have won the rights to Lost reruns. Episodes will start running next fall.

Cracked has a countdown of the worst movie twist endings of all time. Mine has gotta be that awful ending in Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes. As Spinal Tap tells us "Its a fine line between clever and stupid.":

I have no use for the royal family but Prince William's girlfriend is HOT.

You know you're doing a lot of drugs when Keith Richards tells you to back away from the crack pipe:

Slash is the latest rocker to write a tell all....I bet ya drug use is mentioned about 50,000 times:,,2187757,00.html

Here's a link to that Springsteen/Arcade Fire meet up the other night that all the kids are talking about:

Why does Billboard now have more album charts than boxing has champions?:

I mentioned this last week but didn't have any pix to show you. Here's a link to Target's line of David Bowie inspired clothing. No word if WalMart will launch a clothing line inspired by Toby Keith:

Why are teenage girls dying to see Across the Universe?:

Our friends at the Diatribe have the Tribe covered:

After the Tribe finishes the Sox off Thursday night, remember this story. This is gonna be the excuse on the lips of every Red Sox fan..Big Papi had a boo boo! Thats why we lost!:

David Ortiz is one fat bastard. He's like a cross between King Kong Bundy and Mo Vaughn but with Backstreet Boys style facial hair.

As mentioned earlier, the Rockies are going to the World Series. The long suffering fans in Denver have 15 years of pain lifted. Do you hear that? Its the sound of Cubs fans slitting their wrists this morning:

Ohio's other MLB team, the Cincinnati Reds have a new manager. A hiring that makes you stand up, take off your hat and ask "what the f is this all about?"

Why is Jimmy Kimmel everywhere? He has his own he's sitting in for Regis and last night he was on Monday Night Football:

Thats all I have. I'll do better tomorrow. If there is a tomorrow.


O.M.O.M. said...

This makes the 4th time that someone has placed a lower work bid than myself for the Reds manager spot. I think what keeps knocking me out of the running is while I place a low pay rate, my rider stipulates all the Hudepohl I can drink. Once you factor out the dollar value of all that Hudy, my asking price comes in too high. I love my Reds but I'd need a shiteload of beer to run that group.

The "RNR Dog" vid will be going on the DVD but the band will be releasing it via the website and I'll edit together a censored version for YouTube, I'll keep you posted as to when it's online.

E. S. Furniss said...

I suspect Dusty Baker has a similar Hudy clause in his contract because only a drunk would wanna manage this team. Granted, they did play better the last half the year and they aren't void of talent but they are so incredibly mismanaged by ownership and the front office they can't compete.

Is there an anticipated release date for the DVD?

O.M.O.M. said...

The DVD is looking like a spring '08 release. The french are working on the live show they filmed and I'm still working on bonus footage to go with it.

E. S. Furniss said...

The french stuff is a full live show from the last tour of Europe? I hope you're doing a day in the life doc of Hannon for the bonus stuff.