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Monday, September 10, 2007

Monster Sized Mosquito Monday

All this damn rain has led to an infestation of mosquitoes. I mowed the yard Saturday morning and got munched on like I was some kinda skeeter buffet. I don't think one part of my body was ignored. I'm sure I now have a raging case of West Nile.

I'm now in my 9th day of not smoking. I miss it from time to time but I'm doing better than I thought I would with it. Addiction is any easy thing to overcome if you put your mind to it. Speaking of addiction, let's talk about Britney Spears (briefly).

Did you catch the zonked out white trash stripper's "performance" at the MTV Awards last night? Let the Britney death watch begin now. If you're too stoned to lip sync than you have no business being on a stage. Whoever decided her body was right for that outfit needs to be taken out and shot. Bikini's and beer belly's don't mix. The Today Show this morning ran a piece on how awful Ms. Spears performance was. How could anyone expect it to be anything less than awful? Fearless prediction Britney will have choked to death on vomit by Christmas. I didn't watch the whole show but no surprise it was awful:,0,1780777.story

If you want to watch Britney crash and burn do so here:,0,1229493.htmlstory

I hear Kid Rock and Tommy Lee got into a fight at the VMA over who was a bigger loser. Boys, just sit back and talk about what you have in common...the lack of talent, the sex with Pam Anderson, the hepatitis....

If I hear one more Ohio State fan gloat over Michigan being 0-2 I'm gonna perform American History X style dental treatment on them. Sure U of M sucks, but have you watched OSU play (oh wait, they've been on the Big 10 Network so you probably haven't)? They are AWFUL. Look for the Bucks to take an azz kickin' from Washington this weekend.

The mighty Van Halen has held some secret rehearsal performances and by all accounts the guys are ready to rock your world:
Pics of the boys can be found here:

Here's a nice article on Al Franken's senate campaign. I like Franken a lot. I hope he doesn't drift too far away from who he really is:

There's no place for faith in federal prison anymore:

Jesus himself could issue a report on Iraq and it wouldn't make any difference:

The new Osama bin Laden video pans Britney's performance at the VMA's or mentions death to the infidels. I'm not sure which:

David Letterman is on Oprah today.

Check out the trailer to the new Iron Man movie with its shocking choice for theme music:

3:10 to Yuma was hardly a blockbuster:,,20055467,00.html

Hey kids its the Rolling Stone fall music preview:

I love football but I hate to see injuries like this:

Nobody does a better job with covering the Browns than the Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi and the Akron Beacon Journal's Pat McManamon. McManamon does a nice job today of summarizing the sad state of affairs that is the Cleveland Browns:

The Indians magic number is 14!

Its last call to play fantasy hockey with the gang at Barry Melrose Rocks:

Have a great Monday. More crap as it happens.

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