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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Low Calorie Low Fat Sunday Blast

I rarely post anything on the weekend but I have a few quick blasts...Still bummed last nights Gin Blossoms show got cancelled but I agree cancelling it was the only way to go. It marks the first time our little White Trash Mardi Gras had to cancel an act due to weather...of course, it happens when it's an act I actually want to see. Why couldn't it have happened when Starship or Styx were there?

Why must the Columbus media suck Ohio State's ass? Why is it impossible for them to be objective and say "ya know what? The Bucks sucked...they were damn lucky they were playing Akron and if they play like this next week Washington will kick their ass?" Who can take Mindy Dreyer seriously when she's wearing an OSU sweatshirt while doing a newscast? I'm so sending the news director of channel 4 a bag of poo for allowing that tanning bed casualty to pollute the airwaves.

A new year, the same Cleveland Browns. Might as well play Brady Quinn now. Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson again showed they are the Abbot and Costello of NFL QB's.

Meet Johanna amazing young lady with one sad story to share:

You can never go wrong with the NY Times seasonal arts preview:

Just a reminder, Tuesday will feature my special commentary on the U.S. 6 years after the events of 9/11.

I'm off to get a bowl of ice cream and count down the minutes until Curb Your Enthusiasm comes on.

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