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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday Evening Blasts

Bob Evans...the sausage king has bought the farm. Dead at age 89. Thanks for the grub and rest in peace. says Drew Carey is in the running to replace Bob Barker as host of the Price is Right. Boy his career sure is going places these days eh? What was Michael Richards busy?

A new Newsweek poll shows George W. Bush with the lowest approval rating for a sitting president since Nixon. Just 26 percent approve of his job performance. Full story here: is running a nice debate on the worst career moves of all time. Debate all ya want but nothing tops Shelly Long leaving Cheers:

Ya know who has a good racket going? Ticketmaster. A $15 lawn seat for this weekends hair metal bill at Blossom Music Center with Ratt and Poison sounds like a good value. Until they add in their $7.15 "convenience" fee and a $6 Building facilty charge.

Entertainment Weekly ranks the 25 worst movie sequels of all time. Me thinksa Jar Jar Binks is a on da lista:,,20041669_20041686_1169126,00.html

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