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Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday's Suck

Still trying to shake off the cobwebs. 18 pots of java and still my mind is mush....

I come today to praise Poison. Not cyanide, not hemlock but the band. Saw them over the weekend with special guests Ratt and Vains of Jenna. It was a night of big hair music and big fun. Blossom Music Center was packed with fans nostalgic for their youth or their long lost full head of hair. I still have my hair and I rarely look back fondly on my youth (cuz it was just as lame as today is), but what I appreciate about Poison and bands of their ilk, is that while they were criticized as emphasizing image more than music, they honed their craft for years. They played every dive and worked hard to earn a record contract. In this American Idol age, bands who had to earn their record contracts are a dying breed. Plus their records are just flat out fun. Poison never wanted to change the world. They probably don't even know what the WTO is. They wanted nothin' but a good time and more than 20 years later they still deliver.

So the sad story of Jesse Davis ended the way most of us figured it would. The Canton mother's body was found over the weekend and her former boyfriend Canton cop Bobby Cutts Jr., who took police brutality to a new level, is charged with her murder. I don't know if the death penalty is a deterrent but if guilty Cutts certainly deserves the needle.

While I was nostaligc for the hair band 80s, aging baby boomers are remembering the summer of love: My question is I thought if you could remember the 60s you weren't really there? Summer of love...bleh....I hate hippies.

I don't know how to feel about Rupert Murdoch. On one hand he gave us Bart Simpson and Stewie Griffin...on the other he gave us Bill O'Reilly, Fox News and a bright swoosh on hockey pucks. Acting like Monty Burns, Rupe tries to add to his media empire:

The Columbus Blue Jackets introduced their new jerseys at this past weekends NHL Draft. They are ok...not great...not bad...just ok. I'm underwhelmed with them. Its good to see they are using the logo from their 3rd jersey but if you're going to be the worst team in the league you should at least look good from a fashion sense. The jersey redesign is as much a failure as the Jackets power play. Go to to check 'em out.

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jamifoos said...

I really wanted to see Poison. Glad you enjoyed yourself - Blossom is a great venue. Brian and I saw Motley Crue there a couple of years ago. The show sucked, but it's cool to sit on the lawn and chill.