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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Behind the Blog

Considering how lame the summer TV offerings are, I caught myself missing Behind the Music the other day. I don't understand why VH1 Classic doesn't at least run reruns of them. Surely it would make better viewing than another rerun of BBC Crown Jewels. Oh sure, the Thin Lizzy one is a lot of fun...the first 16 times its on....after that you want the boys to get out of town. I did a YouTube search last night for some Behind the Music eps and came up empty. That show even made Leif Garrett entertaining. Sure the stories were struggles to become famous, singer marries model or struggles with being gay, band does lots of heroin, falls on hard times, rebounds to succesful career playing fairs and festivals. I did find a website that serves as an episode guide to BtM here:
A bit of trivia that interests only me...the lowest rated BtM was the one on Badfinger.

If you were hoping Paris Hilton would rot in the joint, your hopes were dashed this morning. Sadly she's free. Mothers lock up your sons....stay off the know she'll be driving drunk again in no time.

The Afghan economy is booming...thanks to a booming opium crop!:

Here's hoping this is the start of a trend. Germany bans Tom Cruise:

Whatever happened to the Afghan Whigs? Them kids rocked.

I have zero interest in seeing the Transformers movie. Especially since it doesn't have Orson Welles in it. What did you forget he was a Transformer once?:
He was the Optimus Wine...he would not change form until its time.

I have 3 episodes of John from Cincinnati on my DVR. I doubt I'll ever watch them.

Wendys has a new burger called the Baconator...the ad tag line is "it smells fear." Its no wonder they are about to go under.

More stuff as crap develops.....

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