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Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Mania

Ok, I thought I'd figured out the end of the Bob Harris has me thinking maybe Tony is dead. All I know for sure now is that everytime I think of the ending it makes my head hurt. Thanks to Pedro for the link:

Watch your, really, someone may be trying to steal it:

The Adult Film Industry went with HD-DVD, Blockbuster banks on Blu-Ray...its beta versus VHS again:

Entertainment Weekly has released its list of the top 25 Action Movies of all time. Read, discuss, argue:,,20042607,00.html

What's a pig in the mood supposed to do to get a little love?:


jamifoos said...

Love the Bob Harris blog. And I thought I paid attention. However, I will pretend that I didn't read it. I still choose to believe that he's alive. He can't be dead. He just can't. Well, he can I just don't want him to be.

I'm just sayin'...

E. S. Furniss said...

All I can figure out is Bob Harris must have no life...or took a few days off to examine the Sopranos in so much detail. He makes a convincing argument that Tony is a croaker. The telling part for me is when Harris says David Chase wanted 30 seconds of black screen at the end. I was convinced Tony lived, I'm not so sure.