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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Late Night Wars 2

Looks like NBC is trying to back out of giving Conan the tonight show.....Check out this story from Broadcasting and Cable:

"After NBC Universal’s high-profile signing of Ben Silverman for the top programming job, Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart might be next on the Peacock’s wish list.NBC Universal President/Chief Executive Jeff Zucker and NBC Entertainment/Universal Media Studios Co-Chair Marc Graboff recently wined and dined the satirical news anchor and his agent, James Dixon.According to a network source, Zucker and Graboff didn’t focus on pitching any specific role at the dinner meeting. “They just made their interest known in finding a way to do business together if Jon was ever available,” says the source, who categorized the talks as “exploratory.”"

Personally, I don't see Stewart wanting to follow Leno at all. If Conan gets screwed over, he'll land on his feet at another network. Full story here:

Who says Reality Shows are bad career moves? Well, everyone....Motley Crue says Tommy Lee's reality show appearances damged their career. Ya know what did more damage to them than Rockstar Supernova did? The calendar. When the 80's were over, for all intents and purposes, they were too. Full story

Parents, take those toys away from your kids before they get killed. The NY Times reports that toys made in China are toxic. Mmmm lead based paint....full story here:

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