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Friday, June 15, 2007

Cream O'Wheat

I've never had a bowl of cream of wheat in my life. My Dad used to eat the stuff and for some reason, I found it repulsive compared to my standard childhood breakfast Count Chocula. Even if like me you never considered making Cream of Wheat part of your breakfast table, you're probably familiar with the man on its box. Much to my surprise, he was a real named Frank White. Mr. White died in 1398 and for years there was no marker on his grave. The folks in Leslie, MI have changed that. Count Chocula meanwhile remains among the undead, ruining the diets of children and keeping dentists in business. Click this link for the full story on Mr. White :

4 lesbians in New York are looking at prison after attacking a straight man in what has been called a "hate crime against straight people." I thought the same thing about the WNBA but they are still taking up precious air time on ESPN.

A Lebanese news anchor was fired after gloating over the assassination of an anti Syrian member of parliament. "Why did it take them so long to kill him?" the anchor asked on air. I wasn't aware Fox News was broadcasting in Lebanon.

Stephen Hawking is putting out a children's book about a character named George who befriends a scientist and finds himself on a physics driven adventure. Can't suck any worse than Madonna's books for children. Sounds more entertaining than Fantastic Four 2. Heck, President Bush called it the best book he's read since My Pet Goat.

Not even the birth of his 2nd son Bryce Maximus James could help LeBron and and the Cavs last night as they were swept by the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. For all you basketball lovers, basketball hasn't ended. Go watch the WNBA. Just don't come running to me when you become the victim of a hate crime.

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Rory said...

Those zany lesbians...they have time to walk their dogs, worship their trucks, move their stuff from 1 lover's apartment to another, AND beat up a straight guy? They sure DO get a lot done in a day...