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Monday, June 2, 2008

Welcome to Jewne

Welcome to Jewne and the last month of the blog...Today's post will be brief as I have a Math final to cram for (nothing like pushing 40 and worrying about taking a test) and I've gotta get Tatum O'Neal into a 12 step program ASAP. Its fitting that the Academy Award winning actress stars in a show called "Rescue Me." That girl needs some big time help...buying crack on an NYC street like a common junkie?

I should note, I mean no disrespect by celebrating the contributions of Jewish rockers during the month of Jewne...I'm not an anti-Semite by any means. While surfing the internets recently I came across a list of Jewish rockers and it blew me away.

I'm on vacation from the job this week...if you can call it a vacation. I have so much work to do around the house it would take a month off of work to get to it all. Power-washing the fence is gonna be a lot of fun....holding that wand in your hand is an incredible feeling of power (go ahead, make a penis joke here...I'll wait). Not only can you get the crud off the wood (heh heh...go ahead make another penis joke....I don't mind) but you can keep the kids in line when they misbehave.

Speaking of dick jokes, recent reports indicate that the Stone Temple Pilots reunion tour is falling apart. Our buddy Andrew over at reports today the band was an hour late the other night and that singer Scott Weiland was obviously intoxicated (or stoned) on stage. One of the DJ's on Sirius yesterday was sharing her experience from a recent show and said it was the worst show she's ever seen. Maybe now STP will do us all a favor and fade back into oblivion.

Speaking of, head over and check out Andrew's review of the new Journey cd. Andy has never met a record he didn't like and this is no different...he gives this one a 97. Granted, I haven't heard the record, but that kinda score means it should be up there with the White Album and Exile on Main Street.

I'm still hooked on the new Alejandro Escovedo single Always a Friend...though if you listen close enough, you can hear a vocal similarity to Paul Stanley. Eerie.

Speaking of eerie....I heard the title cut of the new Judas Priest record Nostradamus. Musically, the band rips it up...Halford's voice is even in fine form but as for the lyrics...well, as far as concept records go it ain't exactly Tommy. Hell, it isn't even Operation Mindcrime 2:Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Pet peeve...when bands make "sequels" to records....Bat Out of Hell 2, Mindcrime 2....I'd have more respect for the act if they just called the record "Fresh Out of New Ideas."

Now Chicago...that was a band that knew how to name records.

Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles has a Gene Simmons interview up where the Kiss bassist (and Jewish rocker) says the band has already signed a contract to do a "Kiss Idol" type show. Simmons has dropped hints in the past that the band could continue without his involvement or Paul Stanley's. Paul seems none too pleased with Gene running his mouth saying ""These things are typical. Gene says something as if it was a fact, but there is no signed deal. The future has many possibilities. Will it happen next week? No! Am I opposed to the idea? Of course not" Again, feel free to insert your "Gene Simmons is such a dick" joke here.

Further proof reunion mania has gone too far...the made for tv act Rockstar:Supernova just played a one off reunion gig...who cares?

News of the World reports that Courtney Love is distraught because someone has stolen the ashes of her late husband, Nirvana frontman (and hair band serial killer) Kurt Cobain. Now consider that the News of the World is the most unreliable source for news this side of Fox News...still the story is funny...especially because according to the report Cobain's ashes are kept in a "pink, bear-shaped bag." What, you were expecting a heart shaped box?

I'm off to remember what a Euler Circuit and a Euler Path is....Shalom my brothers!

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