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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random Crap Tuesday

In September of 1988 I took my first classes at THE Ohio State University....dropped out in 1990 after having no clue as to what I wanted to be when I grew up.....Came back part-time in the fall of 2000 due to what I now consider to be a midlife crisis. Left again in 2005 and returned last my friends I am proud to announce that after kicking the ass of my Math final last night, I will be officially graduating this Sunday. When I advised my history professor of this his reaction was "Well, that explains the weather forecast I just saw...hell freezes over!"

I've found myself looking back on this 20 year odyssey (and as a point of pride let me stress it didn't actually take me 20 years...I was in classes, mainly part-time for only 7 of those years....I'm not that much of a slowpoke), thinking of how music has changed....In 1988 vinyl records were still being made, cd's were packaged in long cardboard boxes and cassettes were still "the" most popular way of getting music to the masses. 20 years ago if you wanted music (or porn) you had to walk in someplace and buy it. Mind you, I wouldn't give up my Ipod or DVR for anything but nothing beat the thrill of going into a record store and flipping thru the racks. Come to think of it, thats probably why I didn't finish school in the early 90's.....too much time hanging out in record stores and in bars drinking and listening to live music. Record stores are gone and clubs that play live music are on the endangered species list.

Here's a disturbing some concert venues they have screens that allow concertgoers to send text messages to this giant screen. You are in a place with thousands of people and rather then talk to them, you send an electronic message from a phone...What the fook is wrong with us as a society? I love e-mail, the internet and the convenience of my cellphone but nothing tops an honest to god, actual stimulating conversation. This kinda shit is why I am not a people person.

Should we starta pool as to when Scott Weiland goes back to rehab or dies? Even Robin Quivers on yesterday's Howard Stern show was talking about how awful he was last week when she saw Stone Temple Pilots.

Maybe Weiland and Tatum O'Neal can get a frequent flier discount at Betty Ford.....

CBS unveils a new series about 70's swingers Thursday night called Swingtown. Why the fascination with the 70's? I was alive then....a good deal of the music was awful, fashion was terrible, haircuts were terrible, men wore terrible pornstaches and as for the home decor all I have to say is two words.....shag carpeting. Leave the 70's where they the dustbin of history. All you really need to keep from the 70's are your Kiss and Springsteen records and maybe Star Wars.

I'm off to make french toast.....enjoy the rain.

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