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Friday, June 6, 2008

God I'm Tired

A brief rambling post today...I'm too fookin' tired to put anything together....I got to bed about 2am figuring I'd be able to snag 6 hours of sleep...neglecting that the Mrs. still had to get up at 6am to go to work. The alarm went off, the sun came blazing thru the window....and I was awake. Well, my eyes are open and I'm not in bed anymore but I certainly feel groggy and out of it. The only thing I think thats gonna get me moving is a threeway with me, Mrs. Folger and a can of Red Bull.

One of the all time sappiest wuss bands of all time has finally called it a day...Steve Lukather has gone Dr. Kevorkian and performed assisted suicided on his band Toto. Sadly, this happened 30 years to late.

Believe it or not, Van Halen made it thru its "reunion" tour with David Lee Roth. I had my doubts but the boys kept it together.....well, everyone but Ed...There are some rumblings that they'll get back in the studio to make new music but I think its as likely to happen as Chinese Democracy seeing the light of day.

Evander Holyfield's mansion is being foreclosed no one safe from the mortgage crisis? I'm continually amazed at how rich people lose their money. Look at Ed McMahon...that S.O.B. should have all sorts of bank and soon he'll be homeless....crap, if he were to win the Publisher's Clearing house sweepstakes that he used to shill on the tellyvision, they'd have to find him in a cardboard box under the bridge.

I'm off to graduation rehearsal...........drink a Bud in my honor

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