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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Whatever Happened to Spring?

Used to be April showers brought May flowers (Mayflowers of course brought pilgrims who brought disease and genocide to the Indians) but for the last several years May is the new April..its cool, its sucks. Since Memorial Day is coming up and is considered the unofficial start to summer (thanks to Kings Island's marketing people I suppose), I ask you what the hell ever happened to Spring? Was it taken over by a Saudi bank? Is it global warming? Was it downsized? All I know is the wife kicked on the heat the other morning cuz she was cold....who wants to pay for that this time of year?

I can remember during my first go around with college the Oval at OSU was jam packed with girls in bikinis.....doubt that has happened this spring...but I'll check it out when I go down there next week. Ain't nothing like the girls in their summer clothes....

Steven Tyler is back in there's a shocker....Once a toxic twin, always a toxic twin.

Gas prices soared up to $3.99....who will be the first one in town to go past the 4 buck mark? I think it'll happen within the next day or two. Thomas Friedman writes in today's New York Times that the biggest mistake Bush has made was not asking Americans to change their driving and fuel consumption habits post 9/11.....hmm...I believe I've said similar things on this here blog....So my fellow Americans on this Memorial Day weekend, ignore the high price at the pumps, use your stimulus check to fill up your SUV and drive, drive, drive. Meanwhile, Ford has announced plans to slash production because of the current price of gas and the overall status of the economy....this will certainly result in layoffs. Memo to big's about coming up with a fuel efficient car or one that will run on an alternate fuel source. If we could power things by bullshit this country would solve its energy crisis forever.

Is there anyone left in this country who doesn't believe Bush is the WORST president in our nation's history?

Play a trick on your co-workers today....go up to them with a look of confusion on your face and ask them "Hey, did you know that the U.S. is in a war with Iraq?" See how many of 'em even know....its the war the country has forgot about....maybe they'll start to pay attention now that American Idol is over for the season. If they had a draft maybe people would get off their bloated, fast food ingesting asses and take to the streets......well, that would require exercise but I bet ya they might hop in their SUV's and drive the kids to soccer with a scowl on their faces tho.

Speaking of soccer, I dare you to name a sport less interesting than soccer.

A search for bodies on the ranch that Charles Manson and his fun filled family called home has been called off....was this really the best use of resources? Manson and his gang are already locked up for life...what are they planning to do charge them with more crimes and lock 'em up for another couple lifetimes? I'd rather see that money spent on investigating American Idol's creators so we can finally bring them to justice for their crimes against people with taste in music.

I'm out of time for today...I left my car running anyway.......


TFO said...

I had a prediction that the gas prices over the Mem Day Weekend will soar to 4.25/gal. Not there yet, but we still have 2 days...

Is watching Paint Dry a sport? oh well, I'd rather watch paint dry than watch soccer.

Just finished listening to the new Filter opinion - not good.

E. S. Furniss said... you think you can continue to write two word record reviews? I might give you a guest blog can review new releases in two words or less.

I don't get the appeal of soccer...I'm sick of the Columbus tv stations leading off sportscasts with stories on the Crew. Who cares? I don't care if the Columbus suburbs are in a bidding war to become the site of their new practice facility....I don't care if they're in first place and playing the D.C. United (which is the only other MLS team I know)...I just want them to go away.

TFO said...

I happen to have the unfortunate responsibility of field trip leader to one of the Crew games later next month. Maybe it wont be too loud there so I can sleep thru the game. Since I wont be able to follow the action as I don't know the rules except: put ball in net without touching it. stupid, stupid sport...

Latest two word reviews as requested:
New "Saving Abel" - Not Bad
New "Ten Years" - Pretty Decent...they have a song called "New Tattoo" that I find quite entertaining.
New "Theory of a Deadman" - Quite Good. They continue to release material that I find to be Quite Good.

I welcome any additional comments that support my reviews or refute them, because I'm very well aware of the fact that I sometimes listen to some music that others may deem "Godawful Sh*tty".


E. S. Furniss said...

Best two word review ever? The review of Spinal Tap's Shark Sandwich...just two words "shit sandwich."

So thanks to that movie I'm a sucker for two word reviews.

I have a feeling my review of the new Indiana Jones movie will be "f'ing lame."

My review of the new Harld and Kumar "f'ing funny."

Iron Man? "f'ing sweet."

I thought it was against the rules to score in soccer?

TFO said...

I will say one good thing for soccer, I find it extemely interesting when there is a good, old-fashioned riot to keep a non-viewer like myself entertained. And to think that people b*tch about hockey being too violent.

E. S. Furniss said...

As much as I like hockey, if the NHL doesn't find a better tv home, the league will go the way of soccer. Maybe they can appeal to women and start showing games on Lifetime.....Nikolai Zherdev can be portrayed as a woman in jeopardy!

Plus, we need Barry Melrose back on the bench....Everyone loves Barry Melrose

O.M.O.M. said...

Is that fella from Melrose Place still playing MLS? Other than Pele, he's the only other soccer player I know and I can't even remember his name. Remember 15 years ago when people said that soccer would be huge by 2000? Ninnys...

E. S. Furniss said...

God I can't believe I know this but no Andrew Shue, the guy from Melrose Place (whose sister Elizabeth Shue is smokin' hot) no longer plays MLS....From what I understand the league instituted a rule that says you can not play in the league if you have two names. He refused to play as "Shue" so he was banned.

Not only was soccer supposed to be huge but we were to have converted to the metric system. I guess those two things will have to wait until the age of the Jetsons to take care, the metric system and the flying car...3 figaments of our imagination.