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Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron Man Robbed Me

Went to see Iron Man on Saturday cost to Furniss for 3 adult tickets, 3 kid tickets and concessions? $95.50. No surprise to me that Iron Man made over a $100 million at the box office considering the high cost of going to the movies. I liked nearly every preview I saw too so I'm gonna have to land a 2nd job if I wanna go see all these first run this summer. The new Batman movie looks amazing, Indiana Jones looks incredible, the Hulk looks bad but I still want to see it...Prince Caspian and the new Adam Sandler flicks look worth a viewing but will probably be put on hold until they come out on DVD.

Now was Iron Man worth the money I spent to see it? Yes. It's an amazing flick. Great special effects but they don't get in the way of the plot or the acting. Jon Favreau does a great job of staying true to the character's roots. Jeff Bridges is a great (if a bit cliche) villain. While I still think no one tops Christian Bale's Batman, Robert Downey Jr. is at least his equal. He is absolutely perfectly cast as Tony Stark. The one problem I see with Iron Man is that the character's rogues gallery isn't as deep as Batman's or Spiderman's which could make it difficult to pull off a sequel. Maybe instead of Iron Man 2 we'll get the Avengers instead.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch the American Dog show Saturday. AD opened for Ace Frehley. I hear it was a great show. Ace is about the only member (current or former) of Kiss I have much use for. At least he's interested in making new music. While listening to Sirius over the weekend I heard a story that Paul Stanley has agreed to star in an extended run of Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas. If true, that would lead me to believe that we won't be seeing Kiss again anytime soon....which doesn't break my heart in the least. They should have quit after their "farewell" tour like they promised.

A California family will receive a $10,000 reward after discovering Roger Waters missing pig prop. The pig, long a part of Pink Floyd's stage shows, floated away during Waters gig at the Coachella festival. Sadly, the pig didn't make was found in tatters. That pig must have some serious sentimental value to offer up a 1o grand reward.

I downloaded the new Def Leppard record and yes, its just as awful as I expected it to be. The band truly lacks any original ideas. Was doing a song with Tim McGraw the best idea they had? Doing a song with Dr. Phil McGraw would have been more original. Without Mutt Lange they are nothing.

Yahoo has ranked the top 25 hair metal bands...Guns n'Roses tops their list...were they really a hair band tho? I think not...full list here:

MuchMusic has a list of 10 things you shouldn't do at concerts:

Seth Macfarlane signed a new contract with Fox that makes the Family Guy creator the highest paid producer in TV. Rumor is the deal pays Macfarlane a $100 million over its run. Thats a lot of money for making cartoons that are hit and miss in terms of being funny.

We're a week into May and already I find the Cleveland Indians impossible to watch. I've seen teams full of disabled kids score more runs.

On the bright side my wish of a Penguins & Red Wings Stanley Cup final is coming closer to reality. The Pens will square off against the Flyers to meet the winner of the Wings & Stars series. On the downside, Sean Avery has been released from the hospital. I wonder if he annoyed the nurses the way he annoys people on the ice?

Papa John's is in hot water after the pizza chain gave out free t-shirts in Washington D.C. that sported LeBron James number 23 with the word "cry baby" over it. After outraging the city of Cleveland Papa John's will sell large pizza's for 23 cents on Thursday in the Cleveland area. In today's economy you can call me every name in the book if it meant getting dinner for less than a quarter.

Of all the tell all bios out there, I gotta think reading Barbara Walters new book would be at the bottom of my list. I'm fighting off the urge to read my wife's copy of the new Valerie Bertinelli book. Seems like something that I could be able to skim thru....not really interested in her dirt on Eddie Van Halen but I'm hoping there's something in there about that annoying Schneider from One Day at a Time....I hated that guy.

I'm off in search of better material....enjoy your Monday.

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O.M.O.M. said...

Dood, you need to come over to Ontario and see yer superhero flicks at the Sunset Drive In. Adults 5 bucks, kids under 12 free and you can bring your own grub and drinkage.

The boy and I went Friday night, with popcorn the tally came to 7.50 for a night of Iron Man. Granted the 2nd feature, Drillbit Taylor was a stinker that they should have paid me to see.

The past 10 years I've not hit a multiplex in the summer, all the big action flix are much better sitting in a lawn chair drinking a beer.