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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Great Curly's Ghost

So if its Tuesday that must mean there is another primary election...West Virginia where Mrs. Clinton is expected to win and win big. After all, she is the candidate of choice for white working people. Just ask her..she'll tell ya. Basically Hillary's latest campaign slogan is "Crackas of the Country Unite!" Give her another week and she'll be donning a Klan hood as she stomps thru Kentucky. Its not exactly like Obama can really respond and say Mrs. C is running a "fear of black planet (thanks Public Enemy)" campaign. So since he can't or won't say it, I will. Hillary, like her hubby, will say and do anything to get elected. Oh and Barry? I realize you stand to lose West Virginia and Kentucky but could you have at least pretended like you weren't giving up there? Unless they leave the union you'll still have to campaign there in the fall....

Back to racism for a sec....Obama's field workers are now speaking openly about the severity of the racism they have experienced while campaigning in states like Pennsylvania and Indiana. While the political pundits like to go on and on about historic this race between a black man and a white woman is, what history will remember is how the white woman campaigned like a white woman and used racist tactics at every opportunity.

The 3 stooges still in the race have now been joined by former congressman Bob Barr (I guess this makes him Shemp). You remember Barr...he was one of the leaders to impeach Clinton. You probably best know him as the guy who met with Borat and enjoyed cheese...made from tit milk. Barr, a Republican in his congressional days, is running now as a Libertarian.

Speaking of the 3 Stooges...why is it I find them funnier now than I did when I was a kid? I enjoy Curly and Shemp equally. Don't much care for Joe or Curly Joe tho...those feature flicks from the 60's are pretty awful but the early shorts are a hoot.

Is it just me or do you also suffer from a lack of interest in the upcoming Summer Olympics? I'm disgusted that the games are being held in China....if the I.O.C. was hell bent on showcasing a country where the civil rights of its residents are violated, they could have done it here in the good ol' U.S.A. Its sickening that the Chinese government's early press releases after yesterdays earthquake mentioned that the facilities for the games were undamaged. 18,000 people (at least) are dead but by golly our stadiums are earthquake proof! Hail Mao! I'm not eating General Tso's chicken out of protest.

Scott Weiland formerly of Velvet Revolver and now back with Stone Temple Pilots is back in jail to serve out his punishment for a recent DUI. Anyone else think this STP reunion will implode quickly? Ya know back in the day Weiland and Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. were smack buddys. Nice to see Downey saved his life and his career but Weiland seems to be repeating the same mistakes. Never saw the appeal of STP and as a vocalist I always found him limited. Seems his capacity to change is limited as well.

There is no escaping Sara Bareilles Love hear it in tv commercials and its all over the radio and I gotta say....the tune blows. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame sweetie. Oh and you too Amy Winehouse (who come to think of it may be Scott Weiland in drag).

Michael Stipe of REM and Fred Schneider of the B-52's....are they the same person?

Finally did you see LeBron James mom go off on Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett last night in the Cavs-Celtics game? The ball was heading for the stands and the usual scrum for it caused James and Pierce to tussle for the ball..leading Mama James to pop up and offer a piece of her mind. LeBron wasted no time telling his Mama to shut the bleep up and sit down. James said he hated using such language with his mother and was glad it wasn't Mother's Day.

Hey LeBron..if you can talk to your Mom that way would you tell Mrs. Clinton to shut up and sit down too?

Its Hilljack day...have fun kids


TFO said...

Hey, a co-worker of mine, who remains hopelessly stuck in the Eighties, let me listen to her copy of Def Leppard's new CD; and, I gotta tell ya, I was pleasantly surprised in that it didn't suck as bad as I thought it was going to. Don't get me wrong, it still sucked, but I wasn't looking for a letter opener to stab out my eardrums to end the suffering. If you have a chance to check it out - don't.

E. S. Furniss said...

Too late...I downloaded it...gave it one listen...Joe Elliot's voice is hosed...range is completely gone...the big sweeping choruses are a cliche...the guitar playing is lame and the songwriting is bleh...I don't see the point of including Tim McGraw on Nine Lives either..If I were to give it a letter grade I'd give it a D and suggest it for Def Lep fans only. I should give it a D- based on the gay sounding title of the record "Songs from the Sparkle Lounge." Somehow the record made its debut at number 5 its first week out.

TFO said...

goes to show that there are too many people with sh*tty taste in music.

E. S. Furniss said...

Actually it just shows how sad the state of the record industry is and how old Def Lep's fanbase is. Most folks who buy music just download it. I remember the days, and they weren't too long ago, that an opening week of 55,000 sales would have been considered a first week flop and the record company would be considering halting promotion.

I think the larger issue Def Lep is facing is that they are back on the road this summer and playing smaller markets (Youngstown comes to mind) because they have oversaturated the market the last few years. Next year instead of state fairs they'll be playing county fairs. Same problem will also be faced by Poison, Journey and other veteran acts with aging fans who have seen the same greatest hits tours summer after summer and either can't afford to go see 'em again this year or don't want to pay good money for a performance they've already seen several times over.