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Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Buzz

I've made it no secret...I despise the news media. The way they ducked their heads in the sand and rubber stamped the Bush Administration's "intelligence" in the build up to war in Iraq was the final straw. I gave up all hope of an Edward R. Murrow or Ernie Pyle emerging to bring us the truth. With the halfassed way they reported the run up to the Iraq War, its my belief , that the news media has as much blood on their hands as President Numbnuts does. So imagine my self loathing when this question crossed my mind this a blogger am I a member of the media?

Let's face it...the newspaper is going the way of the Fuller Brush Man, the Ford Pinto, and the American Dream.....soon it will be wiped from the landscape and in its place is the scary electronic media. Websites and blogs like this one (only better written and better read) will make the Mike Lupica's, Mitch Albom's and Maureen Dowds obsolete....yet some people think this a bad thing.

If you have HBO you have to watch the new episode of Costas Now. Costas has a conversation with honcho Will Leitch, Friday Night Lights writer Buzz Bissinger and Cleveland Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards (one of these things is not like the of these things doesn't belong). Whatever point Costas was hoping to make with this is thrown out the window when Bissinger immediately starts blasting Leitch and tells the Deadspin dude "he's fulla shit." I guess Bissinger feels that blogs are poorly written (which if mine is the only one he's ever read I could understand that misguided viewpoint) and allow for bloggers and their readers to be unfairly cruel. To bolster his argument, Bissinger starts quoting a blogger named "Big Daddy Balls." In fact, Bissinger just can't say "Big Daddy Balls" might say his mouth was full of "Big Daddy Balls".....If his job was to sit back and look as cool as Shaft, Braylon Edwards scored a touchdown. He didn't really contribute anything to the debate...but he came off as more together than old, frightened, dinosaur scared of the new kid on the block.

Bloggers aren't journalists (or at least I tell myself)...we are normal people with normal opinions...sure the internet offers us the ability to stay in the background and allows for us to be more brash than the likes of such icons of journalism like Julie Chen, Stone Phillips and Maria Shriver....the old guard media types better get used to it cuz bloggers are here to stay....just like high gas prices, the troops in Iraq and a Republican in the White House.

So Buzz Bissinger has inspired me....I don't think of myself as cruel...I think of myself as throughout May and Mayhem, I intend to be even more brutal in my honesty...

Here's a sample of the kinds of things to expect me to say the rest of the month:

I think its a shame that Sean Avery's lacerated spleen only ended his season and not his career. The dude is a punk and a jackass. I hope he's molested by a male nurse in the hospital.

I think it doesn't matter if Roger Clemens took steroids or cheated on his wife. Ty Cobb was a horrible human being who once beat up an amputee. Professional athletes aren't heroes, they aren't role models...I'm sick of people crying every time a jock lets them down...athletes are just over paid entertainers...quit crying when they don't live up to your expectations. Clemens deserves to be in baseball's hall of fame....and so does Pete Rose by the way.

Sting and the Police are coming to Columbus this weekend. I wouldn't pay to see them unless I could kick Sting in the groin.

I think we're all doomed when the Today show makes a news story out of Paula Abdul getting confused on American Idol. The President was confused on WMD's but they never looked into that.

Barrack Obama, though most likely the best choice, will not win the presidency. America remains a racist country and Obama seems to be awfully naive in the way he's dealt with the issue of Jeremiah Wright. Obama made a crucial mistake in strategy....he assumed that the American people were smart enough to figure out that Wright didn't represent his viewpoints...every good politician knows that the American people are stupid. Witness the 16 years of Clinton/Dubya rule.

Maybe Hillary can suffer a lacerated spleen too.

John McCain's online nickname? "Big Daddy Balls."

I'll do better tomorrow....go to for the video from the Costas show


TFO said...

Funny, I just read an article by Jason Whitlock regarding the Costas/Deadspin show. Interesting points.

E. S. Furniss said...

You ever seen Jason Whitlock? He's one fat SOB. Betcha he weighs 400 pounds. I get a kick outta him tho..most of the time....

This just in...Sean Avery sent to Turkish prison....ass rape to follow