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Friday, May 16, 2008

Another Lost Weekend

Another weekend is upon us and you know what that means...unseasonably cool temps and lots of rain. Think I'll hit the multiplex and check out either Prince Caspian (which looks like it probably isn't any good) or Speed Racer (which looks awful). Looking forward to the 3 day weekend next weekend....hopefully it'll feel like Memorial Day instead of St. Patrick's Day which is how it feels weather wise right now.

I've said it before and I'll say it again....Lost is the finest show on the air and one of the greatest of all time. No other show on television currently or in recent memory has ever left me with the feeling this one has. I want all the answers and I want 'em now. Last night's episode was the first part of the 3 hour finale but the pisser is that the next two hours won't air for two weeks as the show is pre-empted next week for a 2 hour Grey's Anatomy finale.

I pulled out the first season of Lost on DVD recently and its clear that the writers haven't been making it up on the fly. Oh I'm sure they've fleshed out ideas and dropped others but at its core, the writers have always known where they wanted to take us, the home viewer. The bummer me for me is only two more seasons left after this season. Once the season finale hits I have to wait until February of 2009 to get my Lost fix. I'm trying to avoid spoilers for the finale but I'm dying to know what happens next. When a show leaves you with that feeling you know its good.

Good news for Joe Elliot and ladies who love older men named Mutt with a knack for overproducing music....Shania Twain and music producer hubby Mutt Lange are calling it quits after 14 years (which oddly enough is how long it took him and Def Leppard to call it quits on Hysteria) of marriage. Twain keeps her money and the rhythm track to Pour Some Sugar on Me. Guess Mutt isn't still the one.

New Kids on the Block are reunited and appearing on the Today Show today. I call this another indication that the country has gone to hell.

Tommy Lee and rapper Ludacris are teaming up for a show on the Discovery Network...insert your joke here. I hear its a home building show or something which is good for Tommy cuz if you saw the vid with him and Pam ya know he's always got a jack hammer ready.

Contrary to internet rumor, I had nothing to do with the sudden death of original Rush drummer (and band founder) John Rutsey. Everyone knows I'd have taken out Geddy Lee first.

VH1 Classic is running a contest where you can appear on stage with Yes. I think I'll say no. You call that a prize?

Another reason for me to hate soccer..The Dave Matthews Band is playing at Crew Stadium in Columbus this summer. Man if that ain't a place begging for a terrorist hit I don't know what is ('cept maybe wherever Coldplay happens to be).

Remember that story about Whitesnake opening for Led Zep? The one I said was BS? Well 'Snake frontman and Robert Plant wannabe David Coverdale has come out and called BS too. He says he never said any such thing and has no idea how the hell the story got started.

Van Halen is filming shows for a possible DVD. Thats cool and all but I'm sure they have to have some quality video in a vault from their hey day...they oughta do what Springsteen is doing and remaster and repackage their records with Dave and include concerts from the same time. They'd sell a ton of the US Festival alone.

First it was Starbucks getting into the music biz, now its Dennys....Denny's restaurants has just launched a unique new music program entitled Adopt-a-Band to provide free meals, promotional support, and concert after-parties to "adopted" bands on tour across the U.S. I wonder if I took the wife and 4 kids in and said we were a band if they'd feed us for free?

Catch my band Uncircumcised Rock opening up for 5 Beer Piss in a tavern near you.

Have a good weekend and remember...just say no to hip hop.

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