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Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm Allergic to Spring

Glad the cold weather, snow and ice are behind us, but Spring gets harder for my sinuses to bear every year. Allergies are killing me. My eyes are watery and itchy. I can't wait to finally mow the yard for the first time. I'm sure my eyes will be swollen shut like Rocky Balboa by the time I'm done.

This time of year is when all the worlds of sports collide. You have baseball starting in the Spring, this weekend you have the NFL draft and the playoffs for hockey and basketball are under way. As much as I enjoy the NHL, there's something very wrong about a winter sport being played when temperatures are pushing 80 degrees. Still, its easy to look past that as the Stanley Cup playoffs are the greatest postseason in all of sport. I watch the NBA very little in the regular season. I find pro basketball's regular season to be less interesting than watching roadkill decompose. However, like the NHL, the NBA playoffs are exciting. It helps that the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the playoffs...without them, I probably wouldn't tune in at all.

I'm so sick of American politics. John McCain made the talk show rounds yesterday to complain about Obama happening to have once served on a board with Bill Ayers, a University of Illinois professor who was a member of the Weather Underground. Every time the Weather Underground comes up I can't stop laughing. McCain, Clinton and the media keep calling them "domestic terrorists" when the reality is they were a group of student radicals from the 60's who only managed to blow themselves up. Plus, most of them were long since pardoned, some of the members were even pardoned by Bill Clinton when he was president. I'm not sure who is the bigger idiot, the media, for selling this non story as a controversial or the American public who falls for it. This is essentially the swift boating of Obama...and I don't think its gonna work. It would make me very happy to see him win Pennsylvania tomorrow and put the Democratic primary to rest.

After assaulting his assistant and resigning on the air on April 10th, Artie Lange was back on the Howard Stern show this morning. The show was on vacation all last week and I didn't get to hear enough of the show this morning to find out why Artie decided to stay with the show. But I'm glad he did. Artie is one funny dude.

More Americans went to see that Jet Li and Jackie Chan flick over Forgetting Sarah Marshall over the weekend. This is further evidence that every time I think the American public can't have worse taste, they prove me wrong.

You know things are bad when you pay $3.22 for a gallon of gas and you're pleased with the cost.

Bill Maher was forced into an apology by the Catholic League for calling Pope Benedict a child molesting Nazi. In his apology Maher said he was making a joke and that Benedict was of course not a Nazi but a member of the Hitler youth. This is a fact. Just like its a fact that Benedict was Dick Cheney to Pope John Paul's Bush. While not a child molester, Benedict was part of the brain trust running the Catholic Church and orchestrating the coverups and payoffs. To me its a shame that Benedict wasn't at least questioned by authorities for his involvement in the scandal before he left the U.S.A. The only reason he's getting away with this is because he's the CEO of the world's largest church. If he were the head of an international daycare provider he'd have been seized the moment he landed at LaGuardia in NYC. Its pretty sad that Roman Polanski can't come into the U.S.A. yet the Pope can.

I guess the local archdiocese shouldn't count on a donation from me this year eh?

Every time I see a commercial for the Iron Man movie I get more geeked up. The more I see the commercials for Speed Racer, the worse it looks to me.

Velvet Revolver has announced plans to follow Journey's lead and look for its next singer on the internet. Do you think if they just disappeared that anyone would ever miss Velvet Revolver? With or without Scott Weiland they are sure to be always horrible.

Live Nation is set to announce a slew of summer tours today including dates for Eric Clapton, Radiohead and Kanye West or as I like to call them, 3 stooges who won't get a dime outta me.Given the state of the economy, high ticket prices along with high gas prices means low turnouts are likely for shows this summer. To give you an idea of just how bad it is out there for bands these days, Robert Plant says the only way Led Zeppelin can afford to go on the road is if Jesus can be persuaded to open up for them. Christ is holding out tho...he wants to co-headline cuz ya know Jesus doesn't open for anyone.

See ya in hell........

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