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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bring the Noise

Couple vids already up today..more on the way. In a fairly decent mood today after spending Wednesday cramming for an exam and then actually having to take the exam. Eating at Chipotle was the highlight of the day.....and best of all, no one asked me if I wanted my burrito toasted.

Generalismo Bush is expected to announced today that troops due to report to Iraq on August 1st will serve 12 months "in country" instead of the current 15 month tour. This does nothing for all the troops currently in Iraq. They remain the property of the United States government and its subsidiary companies (you know 'em...Halliburton, and the rest of the gang that make up the vast military industrial complex). Do you feel that draft comin'? And is that a war drum in Iran I hear? Just you wait and see...when everyone currently in the armed forces is broken, beaten and killed, they'll reinstitute the draft to keep fighting their wars.

I guess people are sick of discovering whats in Katie Couric's's Wall Street Journal reports that negotiations are under way to buy out the rest of the not so perky anymore anchor's contract. If the deal comes to pass, the WSJ says CBS will be rid of Couric and her $15 million a year contract in January. Meanwhile, NBC blowhard Chris Matthews tells the New York Times Sunday Magazine that he thinks the suits at the network are looking to get rid of him. I've got a nice fruit basket waiting to be sent to the corporate exec at NBC that writes tht pink slip. Matthews is a blow hard and and an idiot. He and Tim Russert both should be tarred and feathered.

American Airlines flight number 815 is not boarding at Gate A....900 more flights cancelled today. That brings the total of cancelled flights since Tuesday to 2,400. Its no wonder the airline industry is in the shape its in....its run by people with the IQ' of Rock of Love contestants. Wonder how much longer before our tax dollars go once again to the corporate welfare mother known as the airlines? Let them fail....the same kind of purge hit the railroad industry in the late 19th and early 20th century and we all survived just fine.

Speaking of Rock of Love, Bret Michaels and the producers of that crap show, are being sued for breach of contract for trashing the Rock of Love house. Kind of a shame the military couldn't have tested out a new weapon and just destroyed the house when they were shooting the show. Would be a senseless waste of wigs and silicone tho....that stuff doesn't biodegrade.

NME says Guns n' Roses has finally finished the long overdue Chinese Democracy. The record has been turned into Geffen Records (didn't know they were still in business) and now all that remains is haggling over what to pay Axl. Monkeys are more likely to fly out of your ass then this record getting released anytime soon. Hey Axl, I hear Slash is looking for a singer...

Do you think the guy who invented the urinal cake was pleased with his invention? More importantly, what do you think the reaction of his wife and kids was to his discovery? I picture some mad inventor type who quits his job and spends long hours in a makeshift lab in his basement. Working all day...ignoring his wife and kids while he tries to discover something amazing. One day he hurries up the stairs and cries "Eureka! I've done it!" His excited family believing their days of poverty are over ask "what did you create father?" "A device that deadens the smell of urine in taverns, restaurants and other public restrooms!" Seriously, have you ever stopped to think who would create things like the urinal cake? The plunger I understand..but a urinal cake?

That's obviously all I've got none of what you hear...and less of what you see.

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