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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Moment of Truth My Ass

Would it be too much to ask to have two nice days in a row? Its no wonder the suicide rates are up. You wake up to gun powder skies and you just want to hang yourself rather than start the day kowtowing to your corporate overlords. Its amazing how my energy level dwindles according to the weather. There's some kinda clinical diagnosis for people who get depressed when the weather is lousy but about the only thing I find myself in agreement with Scientologists on is psychiatry. Ok...maybe I'm not that extreme. But just like we have a pill to "treat" (no one ever cures anything...the money is made in treatment, not cures) medical conditions, now every mood, every blip in our mental health is given a name. Can't we just have good moods and bad moods without being called bipolar? It doesn't take much to perk me up...heck, if someone brings in Krispy Kremes to work today it'll instantly become a good day.

The wife enjoys that new game show on Fox, The Moment of Truth. I'm sure you've at least seen the commercials....they hook you up to a lie detector and ask you 50 questions. If you're telling the truth, you make some serious cash. Lie and go home empty handed. Last night was the first time I've ever made it thru an entire episode and I must say, I'm continually amazed at how people will exploit themselves and destroy those around them in hopes of winning vast amounts of cash. The idiot contestants I could care less about. I think if they lie they should be subjected to a propane enema. They deserve whatever happens to them. Its their family members that I feel sorry for. They find out that their daughter is a tramp, their son a compulsive gambler who wears women's clothes, and that their spouse wishes they'd never married them but instead wishes she'd married the smarmy, abusive former boyfriend. Maybe its because I'm a foolishly decent human being (well, sometimes) but I would never put my spouse or family thru that kind of embarrassment. Its horrifying what people will do for 15 minutes of fame and a few greenbacks. I've decided that in watching this show I'm just as dirty as the idiots who go on the damn thing. This show is even worse than America's Funniest Videos....the humiliating kick in the crotch just isn't funny.

Exploiting people on national tv isn't anything new...Springer and Maury perfected this a long time ago. I guess the difference is that those talk shows really aren't any different than a circus freak show. Maury just substitutes baby daddys for the bearded lady. The Moment of Truth passes itself off as a game show and games are supposed to be entertaining. This show makes the girls on Bret Michaels Rock of Love look like saints by comparison. At least on Rock of Love the girls are only whoring themselves out on national tv. Sure their families might be embarrassed by their daughters antics, but at least they do it off camera. I've been slaughtered, gutted, and heartbroken by lots of women and at least they had the decency to do it privately.

Here's the real moment of truth: Why is it that the American people love to watch these train wrecks air their dirty laundry publicly? Its because we are a sick society that enjoys watching the carnage of the crash. Thanks to Tivo we can now freeze frame the exact moment where someones heart gets ripped out and rewind it over and over so we can relish in their misery. The Moment of Truth is like Prozac, Lexipro, Xanax and all the other mood altering chemicals we're being force numbs us to our own reality. There are no moments of truth, only an extended period of lies.

Coming tomorrow...a special guest blog from the legendary Old Man of Metal...Don't miss it.


TFO said...

I curse reality tv all the way back to its origins - the days of Maury and Springer as well as the Real World on that network that USED to be about music. The girlfriend tries to get me to watch stars dance and idols sing, but I flat out refuse to watch that sh*t. If there is a rerun of CSI on Spike, that's where I'll be. Actual thought provoking entertainment - not fodder for the water coooler at work the next day.

E. S. Furniss said...

I have little to no use for reality tv either...However, Moment of Truth guises itself as a game show. The set and music are quite similar to Who Wants to be a Millionaire. They have made man's inhumanity to man a game show....a good game show makes you wanna step into the contestants shoes. I mean, I think I'd do well on Jeopardy...but Moment of Truth man...why would anyone put themselves thru that? The only answer I can come up with is the contestants are attention whores.

TFO said...

its a new form of pornography that is becoming more and more responsible for the moral decay of our society.
Condemn internet porn and Playboy all you want...I'd rather watch a hot, fake tittied porn queen take a money shot across the face than watch a family of idiots sell out their values. they're all whores.

E. S. Furniss said...

I would even take the argument further that our adult film stars and even Eliot Spitzer's $5500 an hour escort have more integrity than the people who go the Moment of least the porn stars and hookers acknowledge they are whores.

Furniss is getting today 20 Chicago high school students have been murdered since September. All gun related incidents. 2 University of Louisville students killed today. Why is a crime with a gun not considered terrorism? Does anyone really belive the intent of the 2nd amendment was the right to kill someone? We are a violent, vile, society of idiots.