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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Livin' in the Future

"Woke up Election Day, skies gun powder and shades of gray...." Oh, what a beautiful morning to leave the house early and cast a vote in the primary elections. 60 degrees yesterday and half that today. Gotta love Ohio in March.

Its a big day here in the Buckeye State....tonight around 7 o'clock we'll finally be free of campaign commercials for oh, 3 or 4 months. I was half tempted to vote for Ron Paul just because I didn't have to see his mug on my tv every five minutes. Heck, I'd vote for Rupaul if these ads would just go away. You know who the biggest loser from the primary is? Ted Strickland. Ohio's governor backed the wrong pony. Even if Clinton wins Ohio today, she'll still miss out on the nomination. Hey Governor Ted, stop sucking Hill's azz and go fix the school system like you were elected to do.

I would support the candidate who bans American Idol from the airwaves. The show is more evil than that Damian kid in the Omen. I've known of people who've actually killed themselves after having to watch it. Can't INS get Simon out of the country? Would Journey welcome Randy Jackson back? Can Paula just be executed? Shut these no talent ass clowns down NOW.

This country's political process is pretty pathetic....we have only two parties and it seems only two families, the Clintons and Bushes, who are able to be elected.

S'March of Metal rolls on today. Have some good stuff lined up all week. This week is pretty much dedicated to New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands. All of them are fair game...except Def Leppard. I hate them so much. Unlike the American hair band explosion on the Sunset Strip in the 80's, the NWOBHM was always concerned more with music rather than looks. The bands played hard, fast, furious music and left the blues based tunes for the Led Zep's and Deep Purples (of course, Purple was gone by the time the NWOBHM arrived and Zep wasn't to be around for much longer).

A retraction from yesterday...turns out the Van Halen tour is NOT cancelled. The band released a statement yesterday stating that the tour will resume March 11th and that Edward Van Halen has appointments lined up to see specialists. What kind of specialists no one is saying. Only a fool would buy advance tickets for the remaining shows. Our buddy Andrew at (who has never met a record he didn't give a good review) says that the tour was indeed cancelled but the money men stepped in to push for the band to play the remaining dates. Memo to the VH camp....go grab Mike Anthony, put Wolfie on rhythm guitar and call this a farewell tour. Eddie has spent the last 20 plus years pointing fingers at Dave, Sammy, Mike, and others for the bands problems....time to man up and take the blame Eddie for this clusterfudge.

I'm tired of celebrities. Drew Barrymore has donated a million bucks to charity. Ya wanna do us all a favor Drew? Stop making movies. And lose the lisp.

Saw Semi Pro over the weekend. I think by law, Will Ferrell should only make movies set in the 70's.

A new BBC documentary claims that the Hell's Angels plotted to kill Mick Jagger in 1969. My reaction? It wouldn't have been that big of a loss. They really stopped making good music around that time anyway. Would have saved us from Undercover and Steel Wheels if nothing else.

Net rumor says Robert Plant will not give the go ahead for a Led Zep tour, turning down 100 million pounds in the process (you can do the currency exchange if ya wanna know how many dollars 100 million pounds equates to...I know its a lot). Wow. A performer who is not driven solely by money. Good for you Bob and hey Bob? I gotta know...are you nailing Allison Krauss?

Is a spin-off of Family Guy featuring the character Cleveland Brown really necessary?

Here's good's being kept hush hush but the Columbus Clippers are almost certain to be the Cleveland Indians affiliate beginning in 2009....just in time for the opening of their new ballpark. Its long overdue...I'd attend a heckuva lot more Clipper games if they were attached to the Tribe or Reds.

News today of a new movie bio in the works on Bob Marley....this comes after the news a Marvin Gaye bio starring Law and Order's Jesse Martin is in production...when does the Lemmy movie start up? And whatever happened to the Iggy Pop bio flick starring Frodo Baggins?

John Mayer...harmless tool or the Antichrist? Discuss.

How big of a douche is this guy...Robert Irvine hosted a show on the Food Network called actually was fairly entertaining. I saw an ep where took over concessions at a White Sox game...turns out the dude fudged his resume. He claimed he'd cooked for the Royal Family in the UK and for several presidents here. Those were lies. So Food Network has fired his azz and will almost certainly fill the void on the schedule with even more Rachel Ray.

Rachel Ray...what an overexposed oxygen thief she is.

That's all I've got...more S'March of Metal vids on the way.....get out and vote...or not...its your right to do whatever the hell you want.


O.M.O.M. said...

I hate American Idol.

One thing I do not hate is the new Black Crowes, listening to it right now via Rhapsody, will be heading directly to Circuit City after work to purchase. Unless the roads are too saturated with precipitation to venture out that is. I'll be keeping a close eye on NBC 4 roadside reporter Marshall McPeek and the Titan 4 doppler. If it rains too hard I may be forced to hide under my desk at work overnight.

Is Semi-Pro worth seeing? It's been getting beat up pretty bad on the reviews.

We need to do another 18 inning dime-a-dog night this season.

TFO said...

John Mayer - harmless tool.

I agree with the Furniss' take on American Idol. There's nothing more annoying to work in the type "professional" environment that I am in and have to hear America Idol discussions being carried on right outside my office. I guess that's what happens when your office is run by a bunch of cackling hens.

Question: how many albums did Sykes do with Blue Murder. I thought Nothin' But Trouble was decent but that's all I've heard.

E. S. Furniss said...

I figure the local news channels are too busy today having people camp out at the polls today to give us rain drop by rain drop coverage. I need to pick up that Crowes record too but probably won't have the chance now until the weekend. I will probably pick it up at Circuit City because I'm boycotting Best Buy these days.
I enjoyed Semi Pro. Thought it was a lot of fun. For some reason I have a big interest in defunct sports leagues so I was hooked on the whole ABA angle. I wish the NBA would bring in the red,white and blue ball. I might actually watch more than 5 games a year.
We are definitely due for a game at the Coop. Nothing will top the night we had the guy screaming at Drew Henson for 9 innings. Opening day tix at the Coop are 35 bucks but it guarantees you a ticket for the home opener next year at the new park.

E. S. Furniss said...

TFO..Blue Murder put out 2 studio records and a live record and called it a day by 1994. I thought their first record was their best. Forgotten fact, Badlands vocalist Ray Gillen was Blue Murder's original vocalist. He sang on their demos and I believe they booted him and he wound up in Badlands.

You are correct..John Mayer is a harmless, albeit incredibly dull, tool.

I have no use for any man who watches American Idol. Its a chick show. I think that show has done as much, if not more, damage to the music industry as illegal downloading.