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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Iron Maiden ( with Paul Di'Anno) -Phantom of the Opera

Its time to kick off the S'March of Metal with one of the leaders of the NWOBHM, Iron Maiden. I prefer the Bruce Dickinson era over the orignal Maiden lineup with Paul Di'Anno on vocals. The early tunes are good, just not a fan of Di'Anno's voice. I think Maiden would have never broken thru without Dickinson taking over. The heart of the band has always been bass player Steve Harris who founded the band way back in 1975. What better way to start the S'March of Metal...Iron Maiden, Phantom of the Opera!


O.M.O.M. said...

Farting around the interwebs this weekend and found the complete 17 track version of the Maiden Japan EP. Was cranking Di'Anno era all weekend.

E. S. Furniss said...

Some quality songs on those early Maiden records. I don't hate Di'Anno, just felt the band was night and day better with Dickinson. Do prefer Di'Anno over Blaze Blazely over whatever his name was that replaced Dickinson. Of course, I may have to rethink this....I don't think fencing, like Dickinson does, is really a "metal" activity.