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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Old

There's nothing more I enjoy than a good rock show. I've told many people that for me going to see a Springsteen show gives me the same spiritual uplift that a good churchgoer gets from their Sunday sermon. Monday's show was great..however, I spent yesterday just as tired as all get out. I was in bed by 8 o'clock last night. My back hurt, my legs ached and I was just exhausted. It wasn't that long ago it seems that I could stay up all night and go to work the next day and I'd be fine. Those days are long, long gone. Further proof of my advancing years, I took a look at my hair yesterday and was amazed by the amount of gray I'm sporting. So, due for a haircut anyway, I had my hair cut shorter than normal just so I wouldn't have to see the stuff. Its just a stop gap solution...they'll be back and stronger in numbers. Getting old blows but it beats death...most days anyway.

Springsteen show was killer. Band was tight. Something in the Night, Sherry Darling, Something in the Night and the glorious return of Rosalita were highlights. The setlist continues to heavily feature tunes from the new record Magic and they were mostly well received by the lame ass crowd. I thought I was old. The section me and Rory were in was filled by a bunch of people who didn't want to get off their asses to save their lives. After all the hubbub over the Cinci show on Saturday, it was good to see the band in fine form and rockin' hard. The Boss even barked at the Mighty Max Weinberg twice early on in the set to hammer down on those snares a little harder. According to internet reports the Springsteen boys, both teens, were spotted in the pit area with their arms crossed and a look of misery on their faces. Like most kids, they probably hate it when Dad takes them to the office. I bet they sure enjoy the lifestyle that Daddy's money provides tho.

Sometimes there is justice in the world....a bailout of Clear Channel, the evil empire that rules all of radio, appears in doubt due to, you guessed it, credit problems. I love to see Clear Channel suffer. They ruined radio and the concert industry so its nice to see them suffer in financial purgatory. The Justice Department has given the go ahead to the Sirius takeover of its on to the FCC for final approval. The FCC, one of the worst arms of the federal government, would be foolish to turn this merger down. Sure it would only leave one satellite radio provider but there is still competition out there in the market...namely Ipods. All I ask Sirius in return is not to raise my monthly charge any higher.

Considering how many jobs have been outsourced, I guess its only fitting that opening day of the baseball season was outsourced to Japan.

The more I see of Mrs. Clinton, Barry Hussein Obama, and Grandpa Munster (aka McCain) the more I'm certain that moving to Canada would be a wise move. I was telling people the other day that this nominating process has played out way too long. Under the BlastFurniss plan, a candidate would not be able to declare their candidacy until January 1 of the election year. A nationwide primary would be held the day after Memorial Day. Presidential Election Day's would be a national holiday. Everyone gets the day off. All businesses, including gas stations and grocery stores would be closed. Election Day would also be sponsored so it would have the feel of the Super Bowl (or at least a NASCAR event). People could tailgate outside their polling places and just turn it into one big party.

Someone asked me today "Did you watch American Idol last night?" "No", I replied "I have good taste in music."

Looks like YouTube and Blogger magically posted my delayed vids so I'll try to get some more S'March of Metal stuff up ASAP.

Some random thoughts from the Springsteen show:

I'd love to be 58 years old and move like the Boss. Dude is just amazing. I've never seen anyone with that kinda stage presence.

Nils Lofgren is the greatest 2nd guitarist ever. A truly underrated player.

Clarence Clemons is 66 years old. Has had two knees and a hip replaced. And he's BIG. REAL BIG. But when that man plays that horn magic happens. A lot of Bruce fans think the Boss has potential replacements lined up for the Big Man for when he hangs it up. That's just foolishness. You don't replace the Big Man. Like the Boss says, "you wanna be like him but ya can't."

Steve Van Zandt reminds me a lot of Keith Richards, only without the drugs and cockroach and ashes snorting. Whether he's going by Little Steven, Miami Steve, or Silvio Dante, he's just a cool dude who just lives and loves rock and roll.

Patti Scialfa, Mrs. Springsteen, has been sitting out on this leg of the tour. I didn't miss her.

I know of no other performer, with the catalog Springsteen has, who can get away with playing so many tunes from a new record. The Stones couldn't get away with it...the Who couldnt' do it...the only other artist who might be able to get away so much new material is Neil Young.

Driving home from the show I thought to myself "If I die on the way home, at least I'll die a happy man." Something about hearing Rosalita live for the first time in 20 years did my heart good.

Adam Raised a Cain is quite possibly my favorite Springsteen tune. I'm always amazed when I hear it just how angry of a song it is. It is the greatest song about fathers and sons I've ever heard. When I would play it in my room as a kid I would relate it to my relationship with my father. Now when I hear it I wonder if this is how my kids think of me. If I were to ever have anything inscribed on a tombstone, I think I'd want it to be "You're born into this life paying, for the sins of somebody else's past."

That's all for now.....tomorrow I promise to post non-Springsteen fare....


O.M.O.M. said...

Don't fight the white, at least you still have hair. I started going in my early 20's when my mane developed a Blackie Lawless skunk strip. In the past 6 years it has exploded to cover the rest of my head, I blame the kids and wife for this. My teenage daughter is mortified that her father sports long, white locks, "Why can't you have short hair like other dads?!?" is exclaimed to me weekly.

I enjoy watching Clear Channel have to cry for a bailout. I still have a dream of owning a small radio station and programming it the way a station should be run.

If you are feeling stiff, I suggest Citrucal. Paul Harvey and his lovely wife Angel have developed an extra-spiny exoskeleton from mixing Citrucal and JB Weld with vodka.

E. S. Furniss said...

Ever mix citrucal and garlique? Down it with a shot of Johnny Walker and you'll feel like you've taken 20 years off.

I would love to sport longer locks but I don't have the patience to endure the process. My hair grows out funny on the sides and its just awful looking. Plus, I have the hair of a four year sticks up all by itself so I quit fighting it and just embraced it. The downside is I look like I'm a Members Only or Miami Vice suit away from being an 80's nostalgia act.

My son teases about me the hair all the time. He loves his long hair and mocks me repeatedly. My daughter only offers opinions on facial hair. Like my wife she prefers me clean shaven. The wife accepts the goatee and a full beard but loathes my facial hair of choice, the soul patch...which in my case is more of a devil patch. Maybe to annoy her I'll grow out a Scott Ian like beard.

O.M.O.M. said...

I like the soul patch look, it gives you a cool 60's jazz dude look. The plant people call me "The Amish Guy" due to my chin beard. I'm gonna start wearing a felt hat just to perpetuate my work moniker. I grew a Scott Ian once, it's a bitch to grow out. Kind of like how you describe your hair hijinks, there is a 6-8 week period where it just looks awful, then it kind of comes together. I didn't like how it looked with my short hair, so I pruned it down. It may make a return this summer.

E. S. Furniss said...

I remember your Scott Ian beard..that was a good look for you. You don't wanna look too Amish cuz then you're gonna have to deal with people asking for your help in making furniture and raising barns.

I think the Scott Ian would be much better with the longer hair. I like the soul patch with my spiky hair..when done properly, I resemble the devil...if the devil wore glasses I guess. My wife says it makes me look scary and I have to remind her that's exactly the point in looking this way. If people fear you they are more likely to leave ya the hell alone.

Wow. How metrosexual do we sound today discussing hair and facial hair secrets?