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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Can I Play With Madness?

Read a stat yesterday that says American companies lose nearly 2 billion bucks in worker productivity during the first two days of the NCAA men's basketball tourney. I used to really enjoy the tournament but in the past few years I've had little interest unless OSU is involved. I nearly always took the first two days of the tourney off. I'd make a run to Subway bout half hour before gametime and just plop on my ass for two straight days. I guess maybe its hit me that I'm just not that much of a basketball fan and its kinda stupid to burn a couple vacation days to sit around and watch something I don't like that much. I'd be better served taking a day off to watch an X Files marathon on Sci Fi. Come to think of it...I don't seem to make it to Subway much either. Used to go all the time before, in reaction to Quizno's, they began asking me if I wanted my sub toasted. I love to tell them "no thank you, I'm allergic to toast" just to see the confused look in their meat packing, cheese slingin' eyes. Subway and the NCAA tourney....two things that just don't matter much anymore.

I haven't even filled out a bracket this year.

Opening day of the baseball season hasn't meant as much since the official opener stopped being held in Cincinnati. The season opens up next week in freakin' Japan.

If you didn't catch South Park last night, make sure you catch the replay tonight. The boys cross paths with Britney Spears when she visits South Park. Very entertaining. Oh..spoiler...something really awful happens to Ms. Spears.

Have you caught the Root of All Evil with Lewis Black? Very funny. I enjoy Lewis Black. Last weeks first episode was a debate over who was more evil...the Catholic Church or Oprah (Lewis Black ruled that Oprah was). Last night's ep was between Donald Trump and Viagra. Its on the DVR at home. Check that one out too if you get a chance.

Someone dies on Lost tonight. I've avoided any other spoilers. Don't wanna know who gets it.

I don't know if I've ever hated a celebrity more than I hate J-Lo. Fat ass no talent.

Osama bin Laden released a new tape today..made some threats to blow up some Europeans cuz of a cartoon depiction of Mohammed....on a lighter note, bin Laden says he's a big fan of the Jonas Brothers and likes Memphis to win the NCAA tourney.

Its no secret that I'm a huge Springsteen fan...what I'm not a fan of is other Springsteen fans. Too many of them are caught living in 1978. By all accounts the show in Milwaukee the other night was amazing. Yet the internet message boards are clogged up with people wondering about Clarence Clemons health and gripes that the shows don't last as long as they used to. Well, Clarence is 66, has had both knees and a hip replaced...which when you're the Big Man or the Little Man it takes a lot out of you. Plus, did I mention he's 66 freaking years old? Bruce is 58. You can't expect him to play 3 to 4 hour marathons anymore. He's still playing 24-27 songs a night and puts on an over 2 hour show. Looking forward to the show Monday in Columbus.

S'March of Metal in its final days...already thinking about the next musical celebration. Might run some theme weeks once a month. If you have any S'March of Metal requests, send 'em along.

Go watch some basketball....I've gotta go try out for the local arena football team...


TFO said...

I think J-Lo is on the same level as Paris Hilton - famous for being famous...a useless waste of space.

I filled out a NCAA bracket for sh*ts and giggles, just to see how well I do. I've got Conn. winning it all.

I saw the Oprah/Cath church Root of all Evil - very funny.

Went into Blockbuster the other day to rent "I Am Legend" to find out that they have changed their rental policy again - if you don't return the rental within the five day grace period, you automatically get to buy the movie. Considering my past experiences at Blockbuster, I made the stoner behind the counter print out a receipt when I returned the DVD to verify that my account was clear. He wasn't very happy, which made me happy. Not a bad movie either.
Speaking of movies, I saw "Good Luck Chuck" over the past weekend. As a stand-up, Dane Cook is as funny as testicular cancer, but he wasn't too bad in this movie. If you're a fan of boobs(which I am), I recommend the unrated version.

E. S. Furniss said...

Dane Cook has been the source of constant battles between me and my boy. I guess 15 year olds are his core audience. KidFurniss says he's funny, I say he's as funny as ass cancer....actually, saying ass cancer is kinda funny..having it is a pain in the ass.

Now I have another reason not to go to Blockbuster. Good thinkin' on the receipt. I will have to do that when I go again.

I'm happy to see Greg Giraldo getting regular work on the new Lewis Black show. Giraldo is a very funny dude.