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Friday, February 29, 2008

Slow Snowy Friday

Pressed for time today so not much to post...don't fret tho...plenty of Black Sabbath videos as we wrap up Sabbath week.

Next week we begin our celebration of all things Metal during the first annual Blast Furniss S'March of Metal. While I intend to cover the whole genre of Metal during S'March, there is one subgenre that I intend to bypass...Rap Metal. I never had much use for it, in fact, I loathe it as much as I do American Idol.

For fun, I thought it would be neat to give you all the names of the folks who made Black Sabbath week possible. Thanks to for being such a great resource.

Lead guitar: Tony Iommi....the one constant of Sabbath. The guitar king of heavy metal.

Lead vocals:
Ozzy Osbourne - 1969 thru September 1977
Dave Walker - October 1977 thru January 1978
Ozzy Osbourne - January 1978 thru May 1979
Ronnie James Dio - May 1979 thru November 1982
Ian Gillan - January 1983 thru March 1984
Dave Donato - Unknown in 1984 for a few weeks
Jeff Fenholt? - January 1985 to September 1985
Glenn Hughes - September 1985 thru March 1986
Ray Gillen - March 1986 thru August 1987
Tony Martin - August 1987 thru April 1991
Ronnie James Dio - April 1991 thru November 13, 1992
Rob Halford - November 14 & 15, 1992
Tony Martin - Spring 1993 to December 1995 (Band Inactive from Jan 96 to March 97)
Ozzy Osbourne - March 1997 to Aug 25, 2004
Rob Halford - August 26, 2004 (only one gig, stood in when Ozzy was sick)
Ozzy Osbourne - August 27, 2004 to present

Bass guitar:
Geezer Butler - 1969 through mid 1984
Gordon Copley - January 1985 thru September 1985
Dave Spitz - September 1985 thru September 1986
Bob Daisley - September 1986 through October 1986
Dave Spitz - July 1987
Joe Burt - November 1987 thru December 1987
Geoff Nicholls - May 1988
Laurence Cottle - October 1988
Neil Murray - April 1989 thru April 1991
Geezer Butler - April 1991 thru October 1994
Neil Murray - October 1994 thru December 1995
Geezer Butler - Mar 1997 to current

Bill Ward - 1969 thru August 1980
Vinny Appice - August 1980 thru November 1982
Bill Ward - January 1983 thru August 1983
Bev Bevan - August 1983 thru Summer 1984
Bill Ward - Summer 1984
Eric Singer - September 1985 thru January 1987
Bev Bevan - June 1987 to October 1987
Terry Chimes - November 1987 thru March 1988
Cozy Powell - October 1988 thru April 1991
Vinny Appice - April 1991 thru November 16, 1992
Bobby Rondinelli - Spring 1993 thru August 1994
Bill Ward - August 1994 through September 1994
Cozy Powell - October 1994 thru July 1995
Bobby Rondinelli - July 1995 thru December 1995
Mike Bordin - Mar 1997 to June 29, 1997
Shannon Larkin - July 1, 1997 (one gig only - stood in when Mike Bordin couldn't make the gig)
Bill Ward - November 1997 May 1998
Vinny Appice - May 1998 to September 1998 (also was on tour during Jan/Feb 1999 as a backup, but did not play)
Bill Ward - September 1998 to present

Rick Wakeman - 1973
Jezz Woodruffe - ??? thru 1977
Don Airey - 1978
Geoff Nicholls - 1979 thru ??, 2004
Adam Wakeman - June 2004 to present

As you can tell, Sabbath has had more lineups that Spinal Tap has had drummers. Still, they managed to keep their credibility and remain a viable musical act in their current incarnation as Heaven and Hell.

Just a note, while I enjoy much of Ozzy's output with Sabbath (after all, he was the standard bearer for all who followed), I think their last couple records with him were mediocre and their 90's reunions were pretty awful. Ozzy really should pack it in at this point. The years of hard livin' and being married to Sharon have left him a shell of the man who contributed so much to heavy metal, first with Sabbath and then later in the early 80's with his stellar solo work.

Have a good weekend and play it loud!


O.M.O.M. said...

I concur on putting the Oz out to pasture, it's went from comical to plain pathetic.

On a side note, this past Tuesday there was a guy in our neighborhood going door to door offering to shovel driveways for 15 bucks. I wasn't home so the mrs. let him shovel our drive. Last night we find out that he just moved to the next street over and is a sexual offender of children. Just a public service reminder to not trust strangers...

E. S. Furniss said...

OMG...thats an awful story. Fortunately, it didn't end up like Elizabeth Smart where her proper Mormon family took a dude off the streets to paint their house and he ended up abducting their daughter. New stats say 1 in 100 Americans is in prison...sexual predators, especially those who harm children, oughta be locked up forever.....sadly they aren't...cuz if they were we'd have no priests.