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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Random Crap Wednesday

Anyone else sick of Winter? This latest round of snow was probably the worst storm of the season. Why is it that schools just can't cancel without issuing a 2 hour delay first? Any fool could have determined at 5am that it was too bad out to open school. Hopefully this was the last blast of winter weather and I'll be able to fire up the bbq grill soon.

After a series of cancelled shows, rumors are flying of trouble in the Van Halen camp. One rumor has the band getting into a fight at a bar while another says Eddie is having personal problems related to ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli's new tell all bio. The third rumor seems to me, on the surface at least, to be the most valid...Eddie is having hearing issues and has turned back to booze. Both "ailments" have hindered his playing and have caused friction between EVH and David Lee Roth. The great Van Halen is due to play in Columbus April Fool's Day. Here's hoping they make it. On the bright side, if Eddie is losing his hearing, at least he won't have to hear that awful VH III record they made with Gary Cherone ever again.

I watched about 10 minutes of the Obama/Clinton debate last night and lost interest quickly. My mind was made up before hand so there was no point in watching. I'll just be happpy to have the Ohio primary over with so we can go a few months without these clowns bombarding us with their empty promises. One of these days a candidate is gonna promise beer flowing freely from the tap and pizza delivered to your house every night at 6.

How did John McCain not know who the hell Billy Cunningham is? The dude is only Cincinnati's version of Rush Limbaugh. McCain's handlers knew full well what Cunningham was all about and they were glad for him to play hatchet man yesterday when he introduced McCain in the Queen City. News flash for the GOP...if the best you can come up with against Obama is cracks about his middle name being Hussein or that his last name rhymes with "Osama" you're gonna get a big time ass kickin' in November.

Did you know that John McCain was the inspiration behind Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie?

What kind of f'd up world do we live in when According to Jim gets renewed for another season? Who the hell watches this show? Does anyone actually like Jim Belushi? I think of him as the unfunny Belushi brother who should have been the one shooting speedballs.

Hey George W. Bush....wanna do me a favor? Bomb the Big Brother house would ya please? Never has there been a collection of less interesting, more self involved, pieces of shite congregated under one dwelling. I really hope this season is tanking in the ratings and helps bring about the end of reality tv. This season is basically a Springer show but not nearly as highbrow.

Anyone going to see Rock on the Range? I think you'll see a black man elected president before you see a reformed STP take the stage. Less than week until the Rocklahoma 2 (Electric Boogaloo) lineup is revealed. If Bret Michaels (solo, no Poison) and a reformed Warrant are closing two nights of this shit fest, my guess is there will be no Rocklahoma 3.

Tesla is playing in Columbus tomorrow night. I won't be there.

NHL trading deadline came and went...just like the Jackets chance to make the playoffs. Adam Foote? GONE. Sergei Federov? GONE. I was really hoping the CBJ would be aggressive and acquire some talent to make a playoff push but they decided to sell off two guys who will be unrestricted free agents at season's end. Good riddance to both. Count on the Jackets to suck for years to come.

Maxim magazine has issued an apology to the Black Crowes for running a review of a record that they never bothered to listen to. Maybe next week I'll review an issue of Maxim I never read.

We're half way thru Black Sabbath week....lots of goodies still in is all about Ian Gillan and the Born Again line-up ....tomorrow we'll spend some more time with Ozzy...still to come this week Sabbath with Glenn Hughes (awful) and Rob Halford (so good you'll go gay).

Vote Quimby!


O.M.O.M. said...

Williieee!! Willy Cunningham is a Fine American. I love how the McCain camp is doing their best to distance themselves from this. The entire thing is one big farce, which I'm sure pleases BC to no end.

I like BC when his is going on about the Reds, Bengals and cracking on the Cincy homeless situation. I zone out when he pulls his El Rushbo act. My buddy Kev got me an autographed Willy photo for Xmas last year, it is proudly displayed in the Beer Cave.

E. S. Furniss said...

I don't fault Cunningham...he was just being himself. McCain's camp should have done their homework. Without Gary Burbank, isn't Willie now the King of Cinci radio? Unless you count Johnny Fever..and I do.

I should donate my autographed photo of Walter Koenig, Star Trek's Mr. Chekhov to the beer cave.

Jami Foos said...

"Tesla is playing in Columbus tomorrow night. I won't be there."

You should be, fuckin' potzer.

E. S. Furniss said...

Ah, one says the f word like you do...i think fuck always sounds better when its said by a red head.