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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Not So Super Wednesday

If you survived the non-stop Super Tuesday coverage last night, welcome to Wednesday. Ash Wednesday for all you Catholics. I'll have an extra cigarette today in your honor.

Random thoughts today....

How many times do you think Tiki Barber has called suicide hotline since the Giants won the Super Bowl?

While watching an episode of the original Star Trek, it hit me that my cell phone is more advanced than Captain Kirk's communicator. I hate cell phones but I have to admit, a Next Generation style communicator that you can just wear on your shirt and tap to make a call would be a pretty cool cell phone.

James McMurtry has a new record coming out on April 15th. Take a listen to samples and download the first single from the new record Just Us Kids by going over to If you ain't listening to James, you're listening to shite.

Kiss is making plans to mark their 35th anniversary. Really, at this point, what is there for them to celebrate? That they are still making money? That being said, I really need to pick up those Kissology DVD's. Gotta make sure Gene and Paul can continue to send the kids to the finest schools.

What kind of God would make Al Roker famous?

Tim Russert saw his shadow this morning so that means six more weeks of primary coverage.

Why is it the more I see Hillary Clinton the less I like her? I have no problem voting for a woman for president, I just have a problem with this one. If she is the nominee we're gonna be subjected to hearing about travelgate, Whitewater, Vince Foster, Lewinsky and stained dresses all over again. Do you get the feeling John McCain would nuke someone within 15 minutes of taking the oath of office? I fear the dude is like Rambo and looking to get even with Vietnam or something.

I've said it once and I'll say it again...we're all doomed no matter who gets elected. I am the ghost of Tom Joad.

I have nothing against Muppets, but do we need a bioflick on the life of their creator Jim Henson? I'd rather watch Kermit the Frog Behind the Music and hear Kermit talk about his bacon orgies and fly addiction.

Put a fork in the Columbus Blue Jackets...after blowing a 2 goal lead to Washington last night they stand no chance of making the playoffs. Time to start moving some old dudes to contenders.

What is wrong with this country when a kids decision on where he is going to play college football is a front page story? Somewhere in the country is a kid with fantastic grades and a desire to learn. Someone who could cure cancer or discover alternative fuel sources. But because no one is ponying up big bucks for him to come to their school he's gonna have to join the Air Force or Marine Corp...or the Army...and wind up slaughtered in Iraq. Sure it would be nice if OSU lands Terrelle Pryor but really, why should we care where the kid goes? He plays football. Its not like he has an exit strategy for Iraq. Jesus didn't get this kind of coverage at 17. Here's an idea for the NCAA....while you're coming up with a national playoff, why don't you mandate all your athletes have to carry 2.75 GPA's and make real progress toward a degree.

Is it just me or is there something unnerving about getting 3 inches of rain in February?

Everyone has the flu. Just tell your boss you have it and go home sick.

Have a swell day........


TFO said...

I missed the Jackets last night because I was at the OSU Men's b-ball game against michigan - never was a big basketball fan, but it was a good time. At least they won against michigan, which is a lot more than the OSU hockey team can do.
Ovechkin put a good whippin' on the CBJ and with LeClaire being injured (again) they're gonna be playin' golf a lot sooner. I read this morning where they think they may have to rely on their 19 yr old goalie from Syracuse - they're done.

E. S. Furniss said...

Time to move Foote, Federov, Vyborny and pretty much everyone not named Nash or Zherdev. I didn't expect them to make the playoffs this season, and over all, I think this is the best they've been since the first season, however...I am seriously disapointed in the effort coming out of the All Star break. Ken Hitchcock might be kicking himself for taking this job by this time next year. No help on the horizon and too many holes to fill on the roster. I would put the CBJ now as needing 2 more years to be a contender.