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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Roe, Wade, Who Cares?

So today is the 35th anniversary of the U. S. Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision which allowed legal abortions. I know what you're thinking....."I don't wanna read about abortions" Personally, I don't either. I was a fetus once. I can relate to their struggle to be born. Seems like the topic of abortion is the ultimate taboo. Plus, it seems like we only discuss it during the Roe v Wade anniversary or during presidential election years. The reason we don't talk about more is quite frankly I believe the American public finds it to be a tired issue. We're sick of it. Some are for it, some are against it and you'll never get either to meet in the middle. It is the ultimate wedge issue for Americans.

Now on the pro side, had abortion been legal we could have wiped out the following infamous characters from history: bin Laden, Hitler, Dubya, Dave Matthews, Regis (who everyone knows is just pure evil)...all the members of Def Leppard, and Sirhan Sirhan. Seriously, if you had the chance to prevent Hitler from being born, wouldn't you have jumped at the opportunity? Now on the against side its a little tougher. Cuz you don't know what the fetus would have become...little fetus Murphy could have cured cancer...little fetus Jenkins might have created an alternate fuel source....little fetus Richards could have been an ax just have no way of knowing. Now the thing I've always found interesting about right to lifers, is they nearly always support the death penalty. On the same note, the pro-choicers are almost always against it. Make up your bloody minds're either for selective killing or you're against it. You don't get to have it both ways. Its like reconciling the book of Genesis with Jurassic just can't be done.

Like I said the issue exhausts me. I think that if the two sides fought as vigorously for the well being of the already born as they do for the right/non-right of the unborn, the world might be a better, and most likely, quieter place. Its rare that I find myself in the middle of an issue but this is one....I support a woman's right to chose, but I find it an extreme and grotesque practice. In the interest of full disclosure, I also endorse the death penalty (however, I see no evidence to indicate it actually deters people from commiting crime). Ideally, since we know where babies come from, it would be nice if people would take precautions. If Britney Spears had done a little family planning then she would have a lot more free time now. I'm sure those custody hearings for her two little mistakes are a real drag on her partying. Seeing someone like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton makes me yearn for some kind of Logan's Run law where on someone's 30th birthday you can eliminate them. But I digress....

If Roe v Wade were overturned today it would ZERO effect on my life. I'm past the age of unwanted most of the American voting public. A Republican candidate once elected will never completely over turn Roe v Wade cuz nothing rallies the devout Christians like trotting out the tired old warhorse. They may whittle it a bit but never will they make it illegal. Likewise, the Dems will never come out and praise the practice lest they be seen as anti-family. It is the issue that will never go away because both sides and both political parties need it too much. 35 years from now, the same debate will be raging on. And I still won't care. At some point, we're all gonna be judged for our actions by God (unless She doesn't exist....thats a topic for another time)...and don't think that doesn't scare the hell out of me. Somehow I don't think any God worth his weight in devotion would endorse a concentration camp for rock bands. Thats why I pray every day that God has a sense of humor....and a taste for beer and loud music.

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kellie said...

agree es. a woman's/couple's personal choice is a strong factor in my feelings.if you're evolved enough - certainly you are- to have taken any womens studies, the procedures pre roe v. wade are macabre. it is a practice that has always and will always take place regardless of legislation.